The Baltimore school bus accident caused 6 people dead driver’s rights expired rainism

The Baltimore school bus accident caused 6 people dead driver’s rights expired original title: driving rights expired in new network on 4 November, reported 6 killed by the bus driver Baltimore school bus accident, the United States of Baltimore in the latest survey shows that 6 people died in the bus accident, Maryland vehicle administration 2 months ago to undo the bus driver the commercial driving power, because the driver failed to provide proof of health certificate. Reported that the bus driver Campbell one-year medical certification expires in August 31st. According to federal law, commercial vehicle drivers must have updated medical certification. Maryland Vehicle Administration spokesman Brown provided two letters they sent to Kabul, a letter dated July 17th, a letter is September 8th. The first letter to remind the Campbell need to update the authentication, another letter to inform him is no longer driving commercial vehicles. U.S. media said it raised questions about how the school system in Baltimore to monitor the driver’s rights in their bus fleet. Officials in the city have not yet responded. In November 1st, 67 year old Campbell died in a school bus accident. The accident resulted in the death of another commuter bus driver and 4 passengers. Another 10 people were injured in the accident. Police say the school bus crashed into the rear of a car and crashed into an oncoming bus. Police said investigators need to get Campbell’s forensic report, in order to know whether the body was an emergency at the time of Campbell. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: