The baby feeding supplements, to shun Mao himself, not forced Sohu mother-nlite

The baby feeding supplements, to shun Mao himself, not forced Sohu maternal treasure about complementary feeding, do you? The baby feeding supplements, to shun Mao himself, can not force. That is to say, the nutrition demand changes, to conform to the treasure of perception, cognition, and behavior as well as the development of remote control ability, let treasure gradually reach consistent with family eating patterns, and learn to self feeding, comply with the necessary dining etiquette. Baba mama or grandparents Grandpa grandmother or to add treasure foods in addition to diversified development level and also adapt to the treasure. Feeding time, but also in time to capture the treasure to pass those hungry or full of signals, and then make the appropriate response. Well, it’s very technical. Since food is a treasure to eat, you have to respect the guy of their choice, encouragement and help him to eat, not forced. Baba Mama to take himself out to dinner, the restaurant environment, treasure eat food supplement this event, also need a quiet and pleasant dining environment, don’t let the TV, toys to interfere the little guy eat, don’t fight a protracted war, every meal is not the best time for more than 20 minutes. It would be better if the adults could give an example. Xiao Nan to advocate such treasure feeding: patient feeding, encourage eating, but never forced feeding. Encourage and help treasure their own food, to cultivate the interests of small meals. Do not watch TV, do not play with toys, each time not more than 20 minutes. Food is food, not reward or punishment. Parents should have a good eating habits, to treasure a good example. Well, I started to say, look, the food is not fresh, high quality, no pollution? Well, well, the water is clean, right? Before the start, hand wash clean. Tableware, ah, ah, but also to clean, things have to cook thoroughly, cooked, do a good job in a timely manner to allow the treasure to eat, did not eat, save good. Before treasure eat, hands should be washed, and small children to eat, are clean and safe? The little guy eat, well, mom doesn’t have to watch him breathe, eat, eat in case of an accident? The whole peanuts, nuts, jelly…… Do not give the treasure to eat. These are done? There is no regular monitoring of the physical development of treasure? Moderate, stable growth, is the best growth model treasure. Xiao Nan, every 3 months to give the treasure to make a regular monitoring and evaluation of the little guy’s physical growth indicators, it can determine the nutritional status of treasure, also based on the timely adjustment of nutrition and feeding. Well, those who grow up, overweight and obese and in acute and chronic diseases during the treasure, the number of monitoring to increase. The reference China Nutrition Association 7-24 month old infant feeding "guide" reminder: if you meet Baba mama, parenting issues, welcome message to south south at the bottom, every weekend will take time to answer.相关的主题文章: