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The area of grain to reduce subsidies unchanged in a word dug up the village cadres corruption case in Beijing – Zhang Hao cartoons due to too low wages, 6 village cadres in the use of his office, to assist the government statistics, check and report the village grain planting area, "borrow" the names of relatives and friends false grain planting area, from the state grain subsidies and as the "wage subsidy" for personal consumption. The Shandong province Caoxian County procuratorate prosecution, the court recently on corruption charges and sentenced the defendant Niu Yuehua one year and three months imprisonment, fined 130 thousand yuan; Shao Fenglian was sentenced to life imprisonment in one year and two months, fined 120 thousand yuan; sentenced the defendant to Comte often sentenced to ten months probation, fined 100 thousand yuan in one year and six months. De Xue; defendant sentenced to imprisonment hole ten months probation in one year and six months, fined 100 thousand yuan. False area cheat grain subsidies Caoxian Su Ji Zhen Shang wa Cun is an ordinary village, in recent years, planting asparagus, many people became rich. More and more villagers out of poverty is a good thing, it makes some cadres jealous, how to do? They think through their own hands the power to get rich. After premeditation, the village Party branch secretary Niu Yuehua, the village committee members and Accounting Committee members Kong Dechang, Shao Fenglian, Kong Dexue, Zhang Jianhua, Kong Decang, from 2008 to 2014, assisted by Su Ji Zhen government statistics, check and report the village grain acreage position to a false grain planting area, for food subsidies, comprehensive agricultural subsidies totaling 86162 yuan. Niu Yuehua was paid 49146 yuan, Shao Fenglian had paid 18960 yuan, Comte often get money 6060 yuan, hole de Xue was paid 6060 yuan, Zhang Jianhua was paid 3177 yuan (has been transferred to the discipline inspection commission processing), Kong Decang was paid 2758 yuan (has been transferred to the discipline inspection commission processing). In order to prevent things, they will also be false grain planting area, "scattered" in the name of all the relatives and friends. Because food subsidies is not open, the majority of relatives and friends also do not understand. Village cadres in private through working relationships or personal relationships, these relatives and friends of the identity of the borrowed hand, apply for food subsidies card concentrated in their own hands. Things are not easy to cause the attention of the higher authorities, it is not easy to be aware of the masses. They also enjoy this special "wage subsidies"". Daily visits found that corruption "Maoni" early spring of 2015, Caoxian procuratorate stationed in green attorney office and police officers learned in daily visits, in recent years the asparagus in the market 10493, bamboo farmers are eager to increase the Asparagus Planting area, this year is Wacun Asparagus Planting area was more than doubled last year. A bamboo farmers casual words, caused the attention of attorney office and police officers, asparagus belongs to economic crops, according to state regulations do not enjoy subsidies for grain, grain area Shang wa Cun declaration has been adjusted? With questions, prosecutors visited the site of the grassroots procuratorial Office of the "information supermarket" and found that the village reported an area of food subsidies as much as last year, how is this going on? In order to find out the truth, the prosecutor’s office to visit the prosecutor will visit the information and the "information supermarket" entry相关的主题文章: