The 2016 London Design Biennale Chinese Shenzhen Museum opening – International –

The 2016 London Design Biennale China Shenzhen Museum opening – International Exhibition of works "– Shenzhen new height: visible Utopia" design model of in London in September 8 Xinhua (reporter Li Yingqi) 8, the 2016 London Design Biennale China Shenzhen Museum held the opening ceremony in London at Somerset House, from Liu Xiaodou designer works "Shenzhen: new highly visible Utopia" unveiled. Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin, charge d’affaires of China embassy Ni Jian and cultural counsellor Xiang Xiaowei, London Design Biennale chairman John? Cable and British design Rui son of jazz, friendly people attended the ceremony and visited the exhibition. The London Design Biennale this year is held for the first time, coincides with Thomas Moore’s famous works "Utopia" published the 500 anniversary, so the first London Design Biennale theme as "design Utopia", discusses the most prominent social problems facing the world, such as sustainable development, environment, equality, equal rights. In order to explore how to design the experiment, innovative thinking, ideal world to create a newer and better, can realize the. A total of 37 countries participated in the first London Design biennale. The Chinese Pavilion is sponsored by the Shenzhen Association for the promotion of design, supported by the Shenzhen municipal government, and supported by the Cultural Department of the Chinese Embassy in the United kingdom. Chinese exhibition "Shenzhen new heights: visible Utopia" by the famous architect, curator Liu Xiaodou exhibition. The design of the main one can accommodate 50 thousand people live, work, leisure and super Mega building body, combined with the existing technology, hope that through the highly intensive way, the reasonable solution energy, environment, time and space cost of the super large city with a dense population faced in the process of rapid development. Liu Xiaodou told reporters, focusing on the design for young people, on the one hand through the design of modern young people, efficient and convenient Internet integration, sharing of modern residential space, recreational demand diversification, on the other hand, through intensive design, integrated all aspects of support, reduce costs as much as possible, to build affordable housing. Liu Xiaodou said, based on reality, focusing on the moment, innovative solutions to the contradictions and problems in the process of China’s social development of the most concentrated, is his creative intention. According to the design concept, the high degree of sharing of work and living areas, the energy conservation and recycling of equipment, large tracts of green space outside the building, etc., is an important feature of this visible utopia. Liu Xiaodou said, in this new type of intensive community, transportation and energy costs are significantly reduced, there will be a closer relationship between man and man, more community spirit of collaboration, all sectors of society people are in some information there, and the formation of social good liquidity, the formation of an open system upgrade. Charge d’affaires China Embassy of Shenzhen in China Ni Jian meaning first London Design Biennale and Shenzhen in recent years the development of design results are given a high degree of certainty. He believes that the exhibition of works in Shenzhen will help the international community to understand the development of Chinese design in the field of theoretical research and industrial practice in the current level of development, a better understanding of Chinese design. Xu Qin, mayor of Shenzhen, thanked the Organizing Committee for inviting Shenzhen to participate in the exhibition相关的主题文章: