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Thailand this year is expected to regain the world’s rice exports the first U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants on 31 August, Xinhua news agency, Bangkok (reporter Li Ying Ming army) Thailand’s largest commercial bank Bangkok Bank released August 31st report said that due to the first half of this year, Thailand rice exports in the world first, Thailand this year is likely to re board the first global rice exporter throne. The first half of this year, Thailand rice exports more than 5 million tons, an increase of 12.1%, exports amounted to 77 billion 900 million baht ($2 billion 250 million), an increase of 8%, beyond India and Vietnam, to occupy the first world rice exporter status. The day before, Thailand rice exporters association to re adjust the annual export target, from the original 9 million tons of exports increased to 9 million 500 thousand tons. Bangkok Bank report that the government of Thailand to continue to expand the propaganda in the international market, Asia and South Africa and other major international market again favored Thailand rice through multiple factors such as the first half of the export of rice. According to the report, the second half will harvest a large number of new meters, especially popular jasmine rice, help to further promote the rise in export volume. However, the Thailand rice industry is also worried that the price will be a key factor affecting the export of rice in Thailand. The industry is expected, the second half of the baht appreciation is likely to lead to rice export prices higher than the traditional rivals of India and Vietnam, which will have a negative effect on rice exports. Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: