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Tangshan ocean to join the Smart360 to build the automotive industry benchmark Tangshan ocean is a benchmark model shop Beijing modern national system, but also one of the highest level of automotive industry 4S stores! Since 2004 July the official start of sales, total sales of more than 40000 vehicles taiwan.     Q: Tangshan marine shop using the Smart360 set off, sales, after sales of the entire module, a simple talk about the use of feelings?     A (a): compared to the general network set off, Smart360 marketing retain customers receive is accurate customer resources, obtained from the micro shop customer conversion rate is higher, the original sales model is to store, Smart360 micro shop marketing is will retain customers into each 4S shop sales consultant, this one sales model, the high degree of trust, the overall clue to improve the conversion rate of 30%. Tangshan Marine Sales Director Zhang Cheng     Q: marine stores pay more attention to IDCC management, work execution and conversion rate are also high. I would like to ask the management aspects of Smart360 played a role in helping?     A (Sun Li): process monitoring and dynamic approval Smart360 do very well, each visit talks are recorded, each clue tracking, will not miss any piece of data, IDCC and sales specialist for cancellation and the defeat of the task can be discussed by listening to recordings and approval from the mobile phone. According to the agreed and dismissed it more reasonable, the store is not the original assessment of these data was defeated.     in addition, we developed a new Smart360 with the intention of customers and the number of each task push rules, every cloud automatically push the call task, to eliminate the false data or positive working attitude, the effect is more obvious. KPI assessment is now simple and efficient! The efficiency of IDCC is improved by about 20%. Tangshan ocean IDCC director Sun Li     Q: throughout the sales process and links, you think Smart360 what are the advantages?     A (Zhang): Smart360 sales module, from the clues into the track to the conversion, the entire closed-loop tracking, real-time recording, we will store the task of all quantified, intuitive data.     new inventory query is also a module we need very much. In addition, the sales data of each department in each group can be displayed in real time in the form of accurate comparison display, I can see the efficiency and performance of each department.     mobile phone sales manager and PC manager APP side, the manager of the mobile phone APP and IDCC departments can achieve seamless docking! Achieve the maximum value of data conversion, the intention of the customer conversion rate increased by 15%.     Q: marine stores have more than 20 years of maintenance station, capacity of up to 30000 times. The company also has an annual maintenance capacity of 20 thousand!相关的主题文章: