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Take you to read the baby’s three facial expressions! [Abstract] a baby before the age is still small, can not use language to express their inner feelings, therefore understand reading baby’s facial expression becomes very important, three facial expression meaning babies under one year of age in this paper will provide you the. A grin: facial expression. When the baby feel comfortable and safe when you smile, and he will stretch light, excitement and hard to move his hands and feet. Parenting strategy: baby’s smile is extremely beneficial to their physical and mental development, so when the baby with a smile, the mother does not mean their smile. Mother’s loving response will make the child more comfortable, more brilliant smile, while gently touching or kissing the baby’s cheek to encourage, which will make the baby more cheerful mood. Two facial expressions: biezui crying. Baby deflated mouth, seems to be wronged, it is necessary to open the harbinger of crying. May be hungry to eat, lonely to laugh, tired to adults up to change the environment or change a posture. Parenting strategy: when the baby is crying, parents should be careful to distinguish different baby crying baby, try to figure out the requirements, timely to meet the needs of the baby. If the baby cries iambic Dayton wrong, loud and have a sense of rhythm, mother don’t worry, sometimes cry baby is practicing sound, the baby’s body is good. Three facial expressions: pout and grinning or cop. Baby sometimes grin or lip tight with the lower lip expression, this is the signal to urinate. When the baby to defecate, usually before bursting brow bar, then face red eyes in a daze, there was the "urgent" response. Parenting strategy: when the baby appeared above reaction, parents should let the baby discharged urine, check or change diapers, so as to solve the baby can also avoid the dirty baby clothing. By observing the baby’s expression, to understand the rules of the baby stool, so as to guide, help to gradually cultivate the baby’s self-control and good habits. Xiaobian summary: Baby facial expression is very rich, parents should pay more attention to understand the needs of the baby to reveal the expression, and take appropriate parenting strategies. Through the baby’s face, parents can better understand the baby and more effective education!相关的主题文章: