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A new red tourism network media signed to build China’s first MCN Incubator – Beijing, Beijing, August 30, 29 days, organized by the new media tour tourism signing ceremony held in Beijing. A new media conference, announced the introduction of foreign MCN (Multi-Channel Network) model, to build China’s first MCN tourism Reds incubator. A new media conference, officially released CEO Cong tourism celebrity MCN strategy, and presided over the signing ceremony of the red tourism, red net signed the first batch of up to 50 people. Cong Lin said: tour as a new media tourism, the tourism industry has a keen grasp of the wind direction. Red tourism net economic prospects, with our experience in the field of tourism in the vertical, have the confidence to help the Reds travel IP bigger and stronger, to create a new era of red tourism +." The general manager of sina micro-blog life and Tourism Division Liu Qi said, the birth of tourism Reds incubation platform, will promote a new era of content creation comes, the future will have more excellent travel red, through the creation of high-quality content brings benefits to themselves, so as to attract more talented people to join in, to broaden the content of tourism communication breadth and depth. Ultimately promote the virtuous circle of the whole ecological tourism. A new chapter of MCN tourism Reds incubator will truly opened tourism economy network red. The nature of MCN is a multi channel network product form, through the integration of PGC (professional content production), strong support in the capital, continuous output security content, so as to achieve a stable commercial realization. According to Liu Qi introduction, Sina tourism and tour the new media to create a joint MCN tourism Reds incubator, to break the bottleneck of reading domestic tourism network red economy exists, transmission efficiency is not high, high quality content is difficult to spread dilemma. In order to help the Reds signed rapid growth, to ensure the quality of the content of tourism Sina also announced that the talent shows itself, will use the advantages of the platform, invested over 100 million yuan worth of resources, all for the support in the field of red tourism network brokerage companies and individual net red. The Reds will enjoy the signing of development Easy Access, hot topic, topic page push exclusive host, a live exclusive function and many other advantages of resources. In addition to the advantages of resources provided by micro-blog, swim the new media also play a key role in the MCN mode of operation of the link, and the promotion and dissemination of high-quality content through multiple channels. Sina strategic cooperation tourism resources will provide new media content and tour micro-blog video quality broadcast platform; WeChat, daily express, Sohu from the media and other news platform and hornet travel platform will become the high quality graphic content carrier; a live broadcast, reflecting off the broadcast platform and Youku, Iqiyi video portal platform the outbreak of the viral video will form the starting point. Among them, the video and broadcast platform will become an important force point of future Reds signing, tour the new media will focus on creating video, signed for the Reds live IP, formation of the development of the integration of the industry pattern + issue.相关的主题文章: