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The supply side reforms boost steady economic operation before August   Gansu Province Economic Operation Analysis scanning – Gansu Channel – original title: steady supply side reforms boost economic operation analysis of Gansu Province in August economic operation steady supply side reform power scanning analysis of economic operation in August the province’s economic operation — before scanning reporter Shen Lili this year, in the face of for larger downtown pressure on the economy, the provincial government scientific decision-making, the timely introduction of a number of policies and measures to further promote the supply side structural reform, overall steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, anti risk, improve the development environment, alleviate the real economy difficult for enterprises, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. Reporters from the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the National Bureau of statistics Gansu Investigation Corps learned that, 1-8 months, the province’s economy continues to maintain a stable operation of the overall situation, the supply side of structural reforms steadily. The data released economic stabilization signal according to the Provincial Bureau of statistics released data show that 1-8 months, the province’s investment in fixed assets of 632 billion 337 million yuan, an increase of 11.2%, higher than the national growth rate of 3.1 percentage points; the province’s industrial scale industrial added value of 96 billion 690 million yuan, an increase of 5.8%, the growth rate increased 0.2 percentage points higher than 1-7 months. Industrial economy rebounded significantly, in August industrial added value grew by 6.9%, the highest monthly growth since last June. Enterprise efficiency continued to improve, 1-7 months, above scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of 3 billion 590 million yuan, of which the profit of $1 billion 340 million in July, for a period of 4 consecutive months of profit. Stakeholders said that industrial enterprises to improve profits, in addition to seasonal factors and a lower base than the previous year, but also the gradual effect of pre policy stimulus gradually revealed. High-tech industry and equipment manufacturing industry continues to grow rapidly, the industrial structure continues to optimize. 1-8 months, the province’s above scale industrial high-tech industry grew by 18%, the equipment manufacturing industry grew by 9.9%, respectively, higher than the scale above the industry of 12.2, 4.1 percentage points. In addition, according to published data show that 1-7 months, the province’s above scale high-tech service industry achieved operating income of 14 billion 920 million yuan, an increase of 12.3%; the completion of the courier business volume of 29 million 336 thousand, an increase of 60.1%. 1-8 months, above the limit of zero live food through the public network retail sales of 530 million yuan, an increase of 42.3%, the growth rate increased 6.1 percentage points compared to 1-7 months, the province of new economy, new energy is rapidly accumulating. The effectiveness of the supply side structural reform appeared in the past 8 months the situation, our province supply side structural reform smoothly, the effectiveness of the early. To capacity, as of the end of August, Yajian capacity 1 million 600 thousand tons of pig iron, crude steel production capacity of 1 million 439 thousand tons, ahead of the completion of this task to defuse steel overcapacity; closed mine 38, Yajian capacity 3 million 130 thousand tons, the annual target to complete the task 78.8%. Inventory, the end of 7, the province’s Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size finished goods inventory 47 billion 553 million yuan, down by 13.5%, a decline of more than the end of 6 to improve相关的主题文章: