Super typhoon Meranti approaching Taiwan Fujian Guangdong coastal – Beijing tempestuous waves nlite

Super typhoon "Meranti" approaching Taiwan Fujian and Guangdong – tempestuous waves news agency of the new network in September 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ruan Yulin) super typhoon "Meranti" is China across Southeast Taiwan, gradually close to Fujian, Guangdong, Fujian coast, Taiwan Strait, Guangdong coastal fierce waves, China National Marine forecast 14 the day will be upgraded to red alert level, upgrade the warning level of storm surge is yellow. Fourteenth this year, super typhoon "Meranti" 14, 8 is located in Zhangpu County of Fujian province Chinese southeast about 445 kilometers south of Taiwan sea. Is expected to "miranti" will continue to move northwest, the 14 day will pass in southeastern Taiwan, and the trend of Fujian and Guangdong, at 15 am in the morning to between Fujian and Guangdong coastal landing area. The latest live data show that the current "Meranti" center after the ocean east of Taiwan has appeared 8 to 12 meters high waves to the turbulent region, the Bashi Channel appeared 4 to 6 M waves to the wild waves District, East Hainan, the waters near the Diaoyu Islands, the Taiwan Strait appeared 2.5 to 3.5 m waves area. With the approaching moranti ", Fujian, Guangdong coastal waves will gradually increase, the National Marine forecast issued 14 waves of red alert. Affected by the super typhoon "Meranti", is expected to 14 noon to 15 noon, the Taiwan Strait, the northeast, the South China Sea Bashi Channel, Ocean east of Taiwan will be 6 to 11 meters high waves to the turbulent region, east of Hainan, the waters near the Diaoyu Islands will be 3 to 5 M waves to the giant wave region offshore, the alert level to orange; along the coast of the southern Fujian will be 4 to 6 M waves to the wild waves. The northern Fujian coastal waters will appear 3 to 5 M waves into the waves, the eastern coast of Guangdong area will appear 2.5 to 4 M waves to waves. National Marine forecast 14, the storm surge warning level upgraded to yellow. The morning of September 14th is expected to 15 in the morning, Fujian city of Fuding Province, Guangdong province to the coastal city of Shantou will be 60 to 210 cm of the storm surge, including Fujian Province, Quanzhou city to the coastal city of Zhangzhou to seriously affect the coast, there will be 100 to 210 cm of the storm surge, part of the coast will reach the warning tidal level in Blue 14 night high tide. The National Marine forecast reminded the ship sailing in related waters back to Hong Kong to avoid the waves in the coastal route, timely stop. Marine aquaculture facilities reinforcement at the same time, to carry out inspections of the seawall, sluice facilities maintenance, make weak and dangerous areas of the seawall reinforcement work. (end)相关的主题文章: