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Sun Boya: service industry, manufacturing index differences, September interest rate hanging hanging? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Market Review on Tuesday (9.06) released in the evening of the ISM manufacturing index shrank by two degrees, followed by the publication of the ISM service index, force hit a new low of six and a half years. Far lower than expected in August ISM service index hit the worst since the financial crisis in 2008 triggered a drop in the dollar. After the data release, the dollar fell sharply, non US currencies and precious metals to meet, Shun voice rose, since the euro, British Huang Jinchuang back in Europe the biggest one-day rise. Market overview market continues to challenge the patience of investors, when the Fed raised interest rates to investors around. As for the 49.4 numerical last night announced the U.S. August ISM manufacturing index, not only is far lower than the expected value of 52 and July 52.6, and in February of this year for the first time since the fall of 50 the fortunes of the watershed. Differences in the performance of the data on behalf of the manufacturing sector fell into the contraction of economic activity. Coupled with the recent series of weak U.S. data, resulting in the market for the fed to raise interest rates in September the possibility of decline in foreign exchange, precious metals are a strong rise in U.S. crude oil also stand firm above 45. Chart analysis EURUSD Euro differences in the United States in August ISM manufacturing EURUSD data to get rid of nearly a week of market downturn, showed a strong rise, technical chart map market strong breakthrough 1.1200 strong resistance, the market outlook is expected to challenge 1.1300—1.1370 periodic pressure. Trading strategy: to maintain long thinking, the use of market price retracement intervention in the long, short-term target 1.1310—1.1370 area, short avoided. Good GBPUSD pounds recent UK economic data, U.S. economic data coupled with a British GBPUSD just passable, swing back in Europe "haze", the market showed a strong rebound. Technical chart shows GBPUSD market strong breakthrough 08 monthly high, the market is expected to challenge the 1.3480 quarter resistance, fall, short-term market outlook is expected to open up space. Trading strategy: 1.3360 to straddle the boundary ridge operation long, regional target 1.3480—1.3500 days. USDJPY yen USDJPY days to maintain short thinking operations, the use of market price rebound intervention short, target 100.60—-100.00 area, long wait and see. XAUUSD gold market volatility type: the current market price of the shock to enter the key pressure areas, long operations need to be cautious, good trading strategy to maintain a wait and see. XTIUSD U.S. crude oil rebounded strongly on Monday, 4 hours technical chart shows that oil prices are currently stabilized above the 45. Trading strategy: to shock the long way of thinking to operate, the use of market prices to intervene in the long bull, short stay to wait and see. 14:00 theory of concern today相关的主题文章: