Summer file ” bear market ” Chinese film summer box office for the first time in fi-remonstrate

In the summer of " "   China bear; summer movie box office for the first time in five years fell – the media – original title: summer in the summer the bear has come to an end, and in July this year, the summer vacation at the box office declined by 18.2%, this is the first time since 2011 declines. In fact, the August box office is also not optimistic, as of August 24th, the national box office in August was only 3 billion 230 million yuan, in order to reverse the last few days is impossible. The face fell for the first time in 5 years, the film side have some worry, Tiaodang, increase efforts to promote. Some fans are not happy, found in previous years, those 9.9 yuan movie tickets can hardly be bought. But for the filmmakers, but there are different views: Chinese film return to benign development. Hundreds of movie turns into a Hollywood blockbuster first into the summer stalls, and bursting at the box office last year increased, all the factors together, have reason to make people full of expectations at the box office this summer. However, now get data, really eye popping. Hollywood blockbuster box office can save the first 5 years of "bear market" as a big party in a hotly contested spot, this summer vote who did not dare to ignore, so even if the drag a lot of film to wait until the summer, files released. On the one hand is carrying the last summer gear universal viewing boom, coupled with this year for the first time that Hollywood film landing summer stalls, box office is looking forward to. But now seeing the summer is coming to an end, unexpectedly don’t say flat, but actually also fell predicament. At present, almost equalled August nationwide last year at the box office, and with the "ice age" 5 "the Bourne 5" big two on file, the accident should be larger than last year at the box office. But compared to last year "2 billion 400 million" catch demon man "," pancake 1 billion 100 million yuan, "the return" of 1 billion yuan, the sum of three films at the box office has reached 4 billion 500 million yuan, this year from the figures is indeed some ugly. And so far, did not have a movie at the box office more than 1 billion, the lead of the two domestic blockbusters Jedi escape at the box office of more than 100 million, is currently the summer box office box high film, the film is more than 8.8. Another big IP movie "Tomb notes" at the box office of 958 million, have the opportunity to become the summer’s first large 1 billion yuan. But in the face of the two Hollywood blockbuster box office, the difficulty is still not small. Ticket cancellation is still unable to influence the film quality concern is the summer film type this year and even the rich hitherto unknown, directed by Lu Chuan’s "we are born in Chinese" such record movie, although the theater row piece is very poor, but many fans to win reputation. But this movie is too small, although the quality of watercress movie score does not completely represent a movie, but a large area of low seems to explain a problem: Tucao made films than watching movies interesting. In addition, this year there is a big environmental factors can not go to the box office had to mention: a large area of the cancellation of the film ticket. In 2015, almost all of the ticket platform can see 9.9 yuan movie tickets, and even lower prices相关的主题文章: