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The car for a long time the summer careful to drink bottled water — food channel — original title: summer car for a long time careful to drink bottled water Guangzhou Daily reporter intern Huang Lan Zheng Xiaohui as everyone knows, water is the source of life, is an important part of the human body. Once the body is short of water, there will be physical dysfunction, disorder, can lead to many serious diseases and even life-threatening. So a lot of people in order to facilitate the timely water, bottled water will be standing on the car, open the cover to drink. However, recently, the United States scientists have warned that those placed in the high temperature environment for a long time bottled water, it is recommended not to drink. Generally speaking, plastic bottles loaded with bottled water has a short shelf life, many people think that as long as it is placed in the shade, avoid high temperature, direct sunlight, you can rest assured that drinking. For the "car owners", in the car placed bottled water has become a habit. However, when the driver will car parked in the hot sun, the temperature rising inside the car, a bottled water car is like entering the oven. During the exposure, you determine your car bottled water really no problem? In order to understand the "truth", a new experiment carried out at the University of Florida recently by soil science professor Lina? Ma led the research team, specially set up "research — the worst conditions for bottled water will come from 16 brands of bottled water placed at 70 degrees Celsius in the environment, the time for four a week. The results showed that the levels of antimony and BPA in the bottle increased as the temperature of the bottle rose during the four weeks of the experiment. The plastic water bottle is made of poly (ethylene terephthalate). When heated, it releases chemical substance antimony and bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA). Although the United States Food and drug administration has said that the main concern of bisphenol A is not in the inferior beverage containers found, but the study shows that this chemical may have a negative impact on children’s health. Therefore, scientists recommend, do not drink a long time placed in a warm environment of plastic bottled liquid. The latest study, published in the recent issue of the journal Environmental pollution. In addition to bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA), WHO, the international agency for research on cancer, plastic bottles in the high temperature environment, the production of chemical substances, antimony is a carcinogen. Of the 16 brands in the experiment, only one brand of bottled water exceeded the standard of antimony and bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA). Study on the main responsible person said, according to a study result, drinking in the environment of high temperature storage of bottled water is not conducive to health; but in addition to storage environment, also need more research to determine whether the safety of bottled water brand. Scientists at the University of Florida remind people not to put bottled water in a hot garage for a few weeks in the summer or in the car for a whole day". According to the international bottled water association, in 2011, China consumed 36 billion 300 million liters of bottled water, is the largest market for goods; in contrast, Americans drank a total of 33 billion 400 million liters of bottled water in 2011. Due to storage相关的主题文章: