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In February 2nd the yen institutions view summary (sub city) NZGFT Deng Foote dollar yen daily chart continues to run in the adjustment range since June 5th, by the interval along the 122.70 near the position of resistance to impact, further up the limited space. From the hourly chart trend, the dollar yen short-term objective of maintaining the gains in relying on the role of the average system, on Friday ascribed to 121.70 difficult callback, the short-term is expected to be adjusted further climb to 122.70 position. Short term support 120.60119.90. The industrial investment bank of Japan announced a surprise on Friday dollar yen negative interest rates led to the surge, Monday dollar yen fell slightly modified, but the overall volatility is not. On the same day, U.S. economic data were generally poor, and after the dollar fell to 120.67, it rebounded rapidly to the 121 level, just below the integer mark. Although the Bank of Japan to further easing the yen’s role in suppressing gradually decreasing, but between the country and the United States dollar will drop huge monetary policy is likely to remain relatively attractive, or to avoid further depreciation of the yen. Today, Japan is short of news, investors are concerned about a series of economic data in Europe and the United states. The chart below shows the exchange rate to maintain the 100DMA in support and the low and the range of 200DMA121.50, to maintain the recent bullish trend. In the short term, the hourly chart shows that the technical indicators are in the neutral region, but the exchange rate stays above the average. 4 hours chart shows the technical index of fixed part of extreme overbought levels, but to maintain the exchange rate in the north, the recent downward trend in the 61.8% retracement near 120.60. If the exchange rate maintains near the level, then the exchange rate is not large enough. If the exchange rate breaks through 121.70, the exchange rate is expected to continue upward. Support position: 121, 120.60, 120.15 resistance position: 121.70, 122.10, 122.40, enter Sina Finance and economics stock

2月2日日元机构观点汇总(亚市)   NZGFT登富特   美元 日元日线图继续在6月5日以来的调整区间范围内运行,受到区间上沿122.70位置附近阻力的影响,进一步向上空间受限制。从小时图走势来看,美元 日元在均线系统的依托作用下保持了短线的客观涨势,上周五冲高到121.70遇阻回调,预计经过短线的调整将会进一步攀升至122.70位置。短线支撑120.60,119.90。   兴业投资   继上周五日本央行意外宣布负利率导致美元 日元暴涨后,周一美元 日元略微修正回落,但整体波动不大。当日美国经济数据普遍不佳,美元 日元跌至120.67后,迅速反弹至121.00水平位上方,略收于该整数关下方。虽然日本央行进一步宽松对日元的打压作用逐渐递减,但该国与美国之间巨大的货币政策落差将令美元可能继续保持相对吸引力,日元进一步贬值或无法避免。今日日本消息面缺乏,投资者关注欧美方面一系列经济数据。   日图显示汇价维持在支撑位及上述低位100DMA和200DMA121.50区间内,维持近期看涨倾向。短期来看,小时图显示技术指标收平于中性区域,但汇价维持在均线上方。4小时图显示技术指标修正部分极度超买水平,但维持朝北,汇价处在近期向下趋势的61.8%回撤位120.60附近。若汇价维持在该水平位附近,则汇价下行空间不大,若汇价突破121.70,则汇价有望延续上行。   支撑位:121.00 120.60 120.15   阻力位:121.70 122.10 122.40 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: