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"Sting" Song Xiaobao choked throat slightly to the Northern Shaanxi apprentice to abandon Sohu   entertainment to sketch; Song Xiaobao went to northern Shaanxi apprentice Sohu entertainment news yesterday, the netizen micro-blog broke Mengliao Song Xiaobao moved, Song Xiaobao was photographed to keep a low profile in rural Shaanxi, a new division of the mysterious worship learning skills, I do not know is looking for inspiration for new pieces, or to switch. From the exposure of the pictures can be seen in a relatively old village, Song Xiaobao was wearing a black dress, Song Xiaobao to another similarly dressed in black men hand pose, I do not know is rejected each other or what happened in dispute. Soon, there are sharp eyed netizens pointed out that the photo of Song Xiaobao is recording the scene in the CCTV variety show "sting" choking throat slightly in the second quarter. Read the program in the first quarter of the audience should understand, "sting" choking throat. The show will specifically looking for the traditional folk culture heritage to the stars and partner, fusion of new music in the traditional fashion and collision. Song Xiaobao’s new skills to Xi’an school, is a Chinese North Shaanxi storytelling traditional rock said, it should also be Song Xiaobao will be in the program’s repertoire. The North Shaanxi storytelling learning, in addition to the variety show recording, I do not know if it suggests that his next step, really have to do a private talk show, "Andy storytellers" column to. In short, no matter whether it will change, this is the comedian Song Xiaobao will be on the show, the singer’s identity to a taste of "northeast North Shaanxi storytelling rock show", the fusion of creation, enough to expect the introduction of the. September 16th 19:30 "sting" choking throat slightly the second quarter of three sets of CCTV officially launched, Andy had not to be missed.相关的主题文章: