Still hanging fried days! HD photos 20 years ago of the Mercedes Benz sl- car Sohu-wh60a

Still hanging fried days! HD photos 20 years ago of the Mercedes Benz SL- car Sohu just remember that high school, occasionally in a magazine first saw this code R129 fourth generation SL, did not expect a day after 20 years, I found it again, but this is a real old car. Although the time to take a lot of things, but the memories are still deep in my mind waiting for today’s open, I believe this feeling for domestic Benz fans should not be the case. Now, let’s take a look at this one, even if it looks like it’s still hanging today. R129 year of production: 1989 -2001 real car production year: 1994 R129 SL from 1989 to begin production discontinued in 2001, the service cycle is relatively long, which lasted 12 years, produced a total of 213 thousand and 89 units, sales in the same period more than the third generation SL R107. It is reported that the code R129 SL in Hongkong, such as Aaron Kwok and Hong Kong, become fashionable for a time, as R129 SL of Dream Car, there are still many excellent color maintenance hidden in the hands of many Hong Kong star R129. Benz SL was born at the rich intention is, take the entry-level SL320, 90s in the domestic price of nearly 1 million 400 thousand, while in the Hongkong market, popular SL500 and SL600 equipped with 12 cylinder machines in China basically no one dared to close, because the price is too scary! The headlight is not looking at a little familiar, to note here is because the original car headlights have been damaged, has been unable to find suitable parts to replace it, therefore, can only use "Lexus" LS400 headlights temporarily over time to see if there is no scrap pieces suitable let it glow with a new look. 1989 fourth generation SL at the Geneva auto show, named by the previous model +SL to SL+ model, codenamed R129 new car in terms of security has made great progress. For the first time to join the ESP electronic stability system, in addition to the pop-up side protection bar in the case of the vehicle turned over the side of the car seat after the safety bar in 0.3 seconds. R129 increases the configuration of the electric hood, which can be switched off in 20 seconds, which is considered the most current practice. The goods we captured is soft top convertible soft top, electric folding hardtop, is each R129 standard, can the whole disassembly, but can not be folded, when you want to open, to remove the hardtop. R129 SL based on the chassis of W124 code E class car, this generation of SL really let everyone to experience what is called a modern sports car, equipped with a lot of time Benz high-end configuration and technology in this generation of SL. For example, the active suspension system can be adjusted, with sensor anti roll protection device, cruise control and so on. Single wiper design is R129 very special place I 8相关的主题文章: