Star fruit, sister on Halloween night was Cosplay Hilary – Sohu kairui

Star fruit, sister on Halloween night was Cosplay Hilary – Sohu (Katy Perry) fruit sister annual Halloween seems to have become quite looking forward to the entertainment fans. This fruit sister spent long time, special makeup makeup, professional team, Cosplay helped her become her support of U.S. presidential candidates Hilary, spirit is very amazing. The following is the process of fruit sister makeup, just shoot Hollywood film dressing professional, while fruit is quite like a sister out of various funny expression. Interestingly, for Halloween costume is not only one fruit sister, her friends have joined the costume party. These friends have become Sheila Rui side of the entourage, fruit sister also put on Hilary’s famous red suit, and next to the funny together with Clinton, it looks like it is recorded in SNL comedy sketch. Cosplay become Hilary Perry, just let the fans call: "give make-up kneel, like me!". Perry as Hilary began crazy funny dance, let a lot of fans that have to laugh and cry. To upload a video to show you, but rejected by TX… And her boyfriend Orlando · Bloom (Orlando Bloom) is played standing at the back of the Trump doll. Perry became Halloween queen, she is absolutely funny costume, like before the Cheetos, hands still carrying a DIY bag of cheetos. Or transformed into a giant microphone. Earlier she even Cosplay a wonderful camel. This is probably the most beautiful Halloween Cosplay she ever had. Sure enough, fruit sister can be said to be funny comedy queen, fans because she is a humorous character to love her. The first WeChat trend from the media to herself, to defend the WeChat ID:swagdog press down the left side of the two-dimensional code concern after the point of a praise again相关的主题文章: