Star charging to build the largest new energy palm community

The stars charge to create the largest new energy palm community express, Ctrip to Himalaya drops the first wave settled! Stars create the largest new energy vehicle charging handheld community [Guangzhou] as a leading million for charging infrastructure operators, charging stars with outstanding innovation ability and attention to the user experience is known, the B business model the hand pushing all the chips, the first open platform for cooperation and other industries, a hand to star mall play concept of "new energy vehicle customization". In November 8th, following the star mall, star charging and the introduction of handheld community — "Startek", more united express, Ctrip, drops and other industries the famous brand, to build new energy vehicle owners Chinese largest pocket life circle. The largest new energy vehicle owners on the palm community with the popularization of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle owners of this special group number is also growing, new products, new industries, new energy vehicle owners enjoy a new driving experience, but also facing new problems. The stars charge as the charging services operator, has been committed to the user from the "closer" in the accumulation of new energy vehicle owners after 2 years of service experience, feel the new energy vehicle owners need a platform to exchange and mutual assistance, this is a joint Ctrip, express, like Mara, drops and other brands, rely on their own 250 thousand registered users, to create the largest new energy vehicle handheld community. Super brand endorsement squad to create value for the new energy vehicle owners based on the star club before the line, the stars charge and also recognized the new energy industry development prospects by Ctrip, express, Himalaya Museum confirmed in Star Club, Star Club Community brand alliance members: the first express – about domestic network drops the car industry leader. Covering more than 400 cities in China, with nearly 300 million domestic users, the world’s second largest after Taobao’s online trading platform; Ctrip – the leading online travel service providers. With 90 million domestic members, covering 122 tens of thousands of domestic and international members of the hotel, more than and 200 countries and regions around the world; an important platform of Himalaya Museum — Chinese folk international cultural exchange. Nearly 60 international art exchange projects have been held, and artists from all over the world are stationed in the museum. An important part of the brand alliance as the star club community, in the brand will not regularly provide relevant benefits, new energy owners who provide the on-line, Ctrip will Startek custom anniversary gift, drops fast taxi envelopes and other exclusive content full of sincerity, make joint pain hit new energy vehicle owners "love travel". The owner of an exclusive custom forum to create a new energy life circle in addition to strong brand lineup, Star Club Forum revolves around the new energy vehicle owners concerned about the content, including new energy encyclopedia, a week hot area, including the latest, editor, meet the full range of new energy vehicle demand. The number of public concern "star charge", find "Startek" entrance, the largest new energy vehicle handheld community to wait for you to come! In November 8th, the number of public concern stars charging, Startek will reload the line! Buy new energy vehicles to enjoy national and local subsidies Car Buying send Guangzhou name can not limit the free purchase;相关的主题文章: