Spurs GDP hurt again! Yaodao testicular surgery 4-6 weeks old truce-sugus

Spurs GDP hurt again! Old Yaodao testicular surgery truce week 4-6 Ginobili will be out for 4-6 weeks sina sports news Beijing time on February 5th, according to ESPN reports, the Sanantonio spurs point guard Manu Ginobili accepted the testicular surgery today, and at least one month injury. Manu was injured in Thursday’s San Antonio victory over the pelican. In the match, Manu’s groin position was reached by, the forward of the pelican forward Ryan Anderson, and was eventually assisted by the Spurs trainer and Tim Duncan to the dressing room. To be on the safe side and get Manu ready for the playoffs, you can make sure that the Spurs will be very careful about Manu’s injury, just as they treat Duncan’s knee injury. At present, Duncan’s comeback schedule is still not yet. In the absence of Manu, Jonathan – Simmons and Butler – lassoo is expected to get more playing time. This season, Ginobili on behalf of the Spurs 43 times, averaging 19.7 minutes, 3 rebounds and 3.3 assists, shooting and three points hit rate was 45.1% and 37.8%, respectively, 10. For the Spurs, they hope that the 38 year old Manu to recuperate, and completely recovered in the playoffs before. (Rosen)

马刺GDP又伤一位!老妖刀睾丸手术休战4-6周 吉诺比利将会缺阵4-6周   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月5日,据ESPN报道,圣安东尼奥马刺队得分后卫马努-吉诺比利于今天接受了睾丸手术,并且将至少伤停一个月。   马努是在本周四马刺战胜鹈鹕的比赛中不慎受伤的。那场比赛中,马努的腹股沟位置被鹈鹕队大前锋莱恩-安德森的膝盖顶到,最后他是被马刺队的训练师和蒂姆-邓肯一起搀扶回更衣室。   为了保险起见并让马努能够为季后赛做好准备,你可以确定马刺队将会非常谨慎地对待马努的伤势,就像他们对待邓肯的膝盖伤势一样。目前,邓肯的复出时间表依然还没有。   在马努缺阵的情况下,乔纳森-西蒙斯和拉苏-巴特勒预计将会获得更多的出场时间。   本赛季,吉诺比利一共代表马刺出场43次,场均19.7分钟内得到10分、3个篮板和3.3次助攻,投篮命中率和三分命中率分别为45.1%和37.8%。   对于马刺来说,他们希望38岁的马努能好好养伤,并且在季后赛到来之前完全恢复。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: