South Korean prosecutors Pu Jinhui will be investigated in the case of the identity of the person –

South Korean prosecutors: Pu Jinhui will be the case related to identity investigation – Sohu news Beijing, 13 November,   according to South Korean media reports, the special investigation is in charge of the investigation of "trusted door" case concerned the Ministry said 13, prosecutors believe the latest should be within 15 days or 16 days to investigate the President Park hye, and has been conveyed to the Chong Wa Dae, to respond in Chong Wa Dae. Prosecutors believe that Pu Jinhui in order to confirm the work in the process of political cronies Cui Shun have direct participation or make the relevant instructions, only the investigation of its own. Prosecutors said Pu Jinhui will be investigated in the case of the identity of the person concerned. As for the investigation, in order to face to face, the investigation site and the need for coordination with Chong Wa Dae. Before the investigation of Park Geun hye, prosecutors from the beginning of 12 has summoned more than large enterprises in July last year, President and President Park Geun hye interviews alone were investigated. So far, Zheng Mengjiu, President of Hyundai Group Chairman Han Hua Yuan, Kim? SK Group Chairman Jin Changgen, the pursuit of SUPEX agreement Samsung Vice President Lee has to cooperate with the investigation?. Reported that the prosecution of the president of these large enterprises take non publicly summoned the chaebol provide "special treatment to". In this regard, the prosecution authorities explained that only after an investigation of big business president to carries on the investigation to the president, the time is hasty, so prosecutors to accept the relevant executives identity check by the case of the request, the non public summons. This is not to provide special treatment for the president, the president is a necessary process before the investigation, I hope the public to understand. In July 24th last year, Pu Jinhui invited 17 large business group president to Chong Wa Dae for lunch and discussion, the same day and the second day and part of the president of a separate interview.相关的主题文章: