Soil foreign minister said the military in Mosul to eliminate 17 is militants – China Network-9c8921

Soil soil in Mosul’s foreign minister said the military destroyed Beijing 17 militants IS – in Ankara on 24 October, Xinhua (reporter Zou Le Shi Chun) Turkey foreign minister cavusoglu 24 media said, since the recovery of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the start of the campaign, Turkey’s military has killed 17 extremist organization Islamic state armed personnel in Mosul. The joint press conference held in cavusoglu and visiting French Foreign Minister Eero said on that day, stationed in northern Iraq, the Turkey army has through the camp Shikka shelling killed 17 militants in Mosul’s "Islamic country", and said that Turkey dispatched 4 aircraft F – 16 aircraft joined the alliance to combat Islamic state take Mosul launched military action. Cavusoglu said that Turkey continues to fight against Islamic state organization at the same time, will also intensify efforts to combat entrenched in Xin Jair area PKK fighters in northern iraq. Turkey’s prime minister Yildirim 23, told the media that Turkey will not participate in the back ground of military operations in Mosul, Turkey and is currently the Kurdish autonomous government in northern Iraq consultations in northern Iraq in a safe area. Turkey executives had a positive attitude to participate in the hands of the Islamic state of Iraq’s second largest city in the hands of Mosul’s military action, but was opposed by the Iraqi government. The Iraqi high requested the withdrawal of Turkey stationed in Mosul near the Turkey Pakistan Mujica camp troops, but was refused to earth.相关的主题文章: