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Pets The Boston Terrier has been called the Gentleman of Dogs. Their tuxedo like markings helps them look the part. With a little bit of dog training, owners can help them act the part too. Proper socialization is one of the most important qualities that a dog can have. In a nutshell, socialization involves training the dog to be friendly with people and other pets. It allows the dog to act in a confident and non-threatening manner. Fortunately, the Boston Terrier generally has a personality and intelligence that makes it easy to socialize. The best time to begin socialization training is in the first 2-3 months of the puppys life. Older dogs can be socialized, but it takes a bit longer. Regardless of the age, socialization involves the dog being put in specific situations. Their confidence then grows as they discover that they can handle them. One of those situations is for the dog to be around several people at once. The animal needs to be gently touched and petted. This lets the dog discover that touching isnt something to be feared. This is especially good when its time to visit the vet! In the home, the dog needs to be handled as well. Good opportunities for this are when its bath time, and when brushing the teeth and coat. For this to be beneficial, keep the sessions short. Puppies have short attention spans. You dont want the activity to become an issue or a contest of wills. The idea is to make routine handling a non-issue, not a scary event. Your Boston Terrier also needs to learn how to be around other animals. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with doggy daycare. Many communities have boarding kennels that also offer daycare. Normally, dog daycare facilities group dogs together by size. This means that your Boston will be around other small dogs, not Rottweilers and St. Bernards. The hustle and bustle of people coming and going and the interaction with other dogs provides great stimulus for your pet. While it may be scary at first, after a few days your pet will become more confident and look forward to. Doggy daycare helps with another aspect of socialization. Riding in the car. The trip to and from daycare becomes associated with a fun event. Since dogs tend to generalize things, riding in the car becomes a fun activity. This is really great when going to the vet or on a trip. For older dogs, the first thing to do is to learn to walk on a leash in a quiet environment. The lack of excitement in their surroundings allows them to concentrate on walking on the leash. Keep the walks short, praise good behavior, and quietly correct bad behavior. When the basics of walking on a leash are learned, try somewhere with a few people. Once theyve become confident around a few strangers at the time, try taking them to places with larger groups of people. Places like plant nurseries and flea markets might be good choices, as long as theyre dog friendly. Careful dog training can help your Boston Terrier become a confident, fun member of your household. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: