Soccer gambling debt about 20000000 fraud 11 creditors sued their new network – in the same day

Soccer gambling debt about 20000000 fraud 11 creditors sued their Beijing – on the same day the newspaper news (reporter Tu Chunji correspondent Qi Jiqiong) civil fraud litigation not only disturbs the judicial order, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the relevant personnel, but also damage the judicial authority and justice. This year, Zhejiang City, Yuyao City People’s Procuratorate branch of the use of the three step approach to handling cases of civil false litigation cases in accordance with the law, and achieved good results. Deputy chief of Yuyao Municipal People’s Procuratorate minhangke Zhou Youchong introduced in May of this year, Mr. Hong and Kim, Lee, Yao, Zhang on the false lawsuit case involving up to 3 million 900 thousand yuan, Ningbo city in recent years is involved in the investigation of a large amount of false litigation cases. We through the written examination and the external investigation unifies, seize the contradictions, the case to find a breakthrough, fixed evidence, "three step" method of handling the case successfully completed." In May 13th this year, the risk of a complainant to the hospital and he complained that a flood of private lending disputes between the court has entered the implementation stage, but the court found that on the same day to accept a large number of Hong Mou to the defendant’s case, and the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant closely, false litigation suspected major. The court, the undertaker immediately to a defendant files Hong 11 private lending disputes from the court to obtain, found 11 cases by the same lawyer, 11 copies of the complaint dated the same day, 11 promissory note using the same paper, writing, ink marks very close, in all cases the same day the next day were filed, mediation mediation, the plaintiff was not present, the defendant Hong facts no objection to borrowing. Then, the contractor to carry out investigation on the situation of the parties and the synchronization between the parties of personal credit lending disputes in social relations, found that Hong for soccer gambling debt is about 20000000 yuan, the plant was sealed by the court after the valuation of 4 million yuan, because the debtor is numerous, insolvent, creditors and hung a close relationship between the parties is very may be false litigation in order to avoid the debts. The contractor at the preliminary investigation on the basis of the combination of the parties’ occupation, lifestyle, mental state developed a comprehensive and detailed survey plan, the evidence requirements, ask the outline, personnel arrangement and handling schedule arrangement. In the meantime, the contractor learned that Hong refused to perform a dispute with the borrower’s loan due to a dispute and was sentenced to court judicial detention, decided to detention for questioning. Hong eventually collapse of the psychological defense, in the detention center truthfully account for 11 cases of private lending disputes in the case of false litigation from the 4. In order to prevent further delay involved collusion, forensics occasions etc., the synchronized investigation breakthrough and objectivity of evidence, personnel and time comprehensively and quickly fixed evidence collection, shorten handling cycle, improve the rate of cases. Contractors suspected of false litigation of a major gold, Lee, Yao, Zhang were also investigated and asked, 4 people were caught in the absence of a case with the suspect collusion with the court to conduct a false lawsuit. This year, the hospital received a total of 15 pieces of civil appeals, after examination found 5 cases of false lawsuit cases, and has been brought to the Ningbo city procuratorate protest.相关的主题文章: