Small world Europe pre disc forecast 10 hit 7 German British victory over Denmark-govos

Small world Europe pre disc forecast 10 7 hit the British victory over England victory in the German Danish cannon expected! The 10 game for the European pre last night, including Germany, England, Denmark and Czech, gained victory over Poland in the strength of the contest victory. Sina smart small lottery lottery recommended last night play well, in Europe the recommended pre plate, achieve excellent performance of 7 in 10. [see cannon today forecast the European pre war 9] game last night! The way more, while England beat Scotland 3-0 home court game, given the small win probability of 52%, finally successfully played; and Germany’s 8-0 victory over Gibraltar game out of Germany handicap guest Let 6 ball 6 ball half, trot is recommended Germany win probability is 65%, in the same light. Not only is treated like Germany, England team, is some difficulties in the game, such as the Czech home court to let the hemisphere war Norway, Romania tie plate home court battle Poland, guns were successfully hit their results. Especially the Poland game, directly challenged the small in Shengping Fu recommended Poland guest, successfully won the guest pay 2.63, really amazing! England hit hit victory over Poland to win victory over Denmark hit the European pre tonight with 9 games for Italy, Turkey, Spain, the competition strength disparity are big, and like Welsh VS Serbia, Austria VS Albania VS Ireland, Israel, are more anxious game! The guns have given their outstanding performance prediction, look forward to it! [small hit Germany England Spain Italy today forecast victory!!]相关的主题文章: