Small workshops will usher in the test of life and death, you can eat the bowl of rice Roasted

Small workshops will usher in the test of life and death, you can eat the bowl of rice Roasted Goose love? Sohu in autumn health happy Guangdong Foshan, Li Xing Kee roast the Roasted Goose freshly baked. Because the "three" the requirements of the regulation, only two-dimensional code "to indicate the inspector production information and test results of the birth certificate", in order to sell Roasted Goose (Wang Xinglong | photo) "not because of street vendors unsightly, will be banned across the board." "Three" belongs to high risk areas. In order to take care of vulnerable groups, food safety." The clean production? Yuan Duanduan bright, shiny and attractive fragrant Roasted Goose just released, Li Xing Kee roast chef will be sent to Xiqiao this batch of Roasted Goose food processing center inspection room. When the two-dimensional code inspector took out a stack of production information and test results indicate the birth certificate "after this batch of Roasted Goose can really enter the market. In September 4, 2016, News Propaganda Department of the State Food and drug administration director, spokesman Yan Jiangying invited the southern weekend, Xinhua and other media to visit Guangdong local food and drug supervision work. "I hope to place" have two responsibilities "in place, namely grass-roots supervision with responsibility, post, someone, means, the daily supervision and inspection responsibilities, good from farm to table, from the laboratory to the hospital every pass." Yan Jiangying said. Small workshop is the first stop to see the group. They used to be a small workshop in the vegetable market, it is not standardized, we chase after the investigation." Foshan city food and Drug Administration inspectors have the most headaches is the ubiquitous roast meat shop. "No meat no seats — such as roast food Roasted Goose is Guangdong people’s favorite traditional food, but its processing workshops are widely dispersed in the villages and suburban population, widespread" scattered, chaotic, and poor ". In 2009, Guangdong Province registered food processing unit has 17000 or so, but only the size of more than 10%, the vast majority of small workshops, small enterprises. Unlicensed photos are spread across the province, especially in rural and remote areas with weak regulation. Small vendors, small workshops, small restaurants — Chinese small presents many small scattered, low. Data show that the State Quality Inspection Administration of the small workshop had made a preliminary statistics, there are four households. Most of the small workshop is less than 10, small vendors and small restaurants and most of them are "shop", the small number of. These small food production operators, scattered in the rural and suburban streets and city blocks. Not only that, "three small" industry is weak, poor business environment, poorly equipped, backward production technology, management system is not perfect, practitioners generally low cultural level, many do not have the food safety basic skills, do not understand the relevant legal knowledge, not familiar with the food production operators should bear the obligation of the bring great risks and risks to food safety. As a great delicacy, Chinese vendors has existed for a long time, some of the most famous places.相关的主题文章: