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" Ma Yun " 9 year old villager said he read the first grade IQ problem Ma Yun’s name is called Fan Xiaoqin Fan Xiaoqin like Ma Yun: deep concave cheekbone and twisted hair Fan Xiaoqin 9 year old Fan Xiaoqin read the first grade Chongqing morning news the evening of November 10th 8, double eleven shopping Carnival Festival has entered the countdown. Held in Shenzhen Tmall party, Ma and his wife Beckham, Kobe and the stars live. On the eve of this carnival, Ma for their own electricity supplier Empire enough popularity. In the virtual world of the Internet, who can feel very excited, restless "festive atmosphere". Ma Yun and "little Ma Yun", a business empire is a giant, is the poor children in the rural areas of Jiangxi, they are on the Internet this virtual world "encounter", know each other but never met. Little Ma, formerly known as Fan Xiaoqin. The first half of 2015, Jiangxi Ji’an Yongfeng County Yan Hui village a villager from outside the home, found Fan Xiaoqin and Alibaba President Ma Yun unexpectedly lookalike. He will take Fan Xiaoqin’s photos uploaded to the network, let the Internet never lack of entertainment talk waves again. Ma Yun himself once in response to "micro-blog saw this boy, thought it was a family to upload pictures of me when I was young, this gallant manner, I really feel like in the mirror". In this era of entertainment to death, there are pictures and the truth is not enough to discourage people from entertainment mentality to the truth of the digestion, most users still believe that Fan Xiaoqin is out of the "Ma photo spoof expression package". At the beginning of November this year, again with local villagers to return home, and Fan Xiaoqin recorded a short video of 1 minutes, the parents of disabled, poor situation of the public on the internet. Therefore, it has been recently transferred to the network to support its Ma university. Fan Xiaoqin second times to become "net red", this time may be a complete change in his life. "Go to no cement road where his family is the" 6:30 in the evening, Yan Hui village has been immersed in the night. It has a total population of more than 2 thousand people in the village have not installed street lights, home lighting villagers sporadic and weak, surrounded by hills only see a dark figure. The insects, Lane barking, sleeping like this when the village’s snoring. By night, the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Yan Hui from the village took nearly 30 minutes to reach the village households. "Where is Fan Jiafa (Fan Xiaoqin’s father’s name)?" "I don’t know which one is Fan Jiafa." "There’s a kid who looks like Ma Yun." "Oh, he’s still a long way from here, and you’ve been walking along the road, to the place where there’s no cement." Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporters along the road to the 5 villagers around, although the villagers do not know the name sent from their van, but the answer can be found in the van, sent a two most village known label — "have a look like Ma Yun child, went to the cement road where is their home. In addition, there are villagers look good weather.相关的主题文章: