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Small indeed fortunate than the sword, and finally a hidden mystery, how much money do not sell [lead] Tourism – Sohu this is a small section of the public, the newly opened: small Shun travel inspiration. Every time I use a short space to talk about a small window I encountered in the trip, to give everyone a little reference. Welcome to pay attention to "Liu little Shun" public number: lxslvxing (- press copy), 80 travel writer Liu Xiaoshun will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! – don’t write boring Raiders, just to give you a travel inspiration – Longquan city of Zhejiang province is the city of Lishui in the county of city, Zhejiang province is located in the southwest of Zhejiang Fujian Jiangxi border, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi has always been for the areas adjacent to the commerce center. Longquan has two major products known to the world, one is the celadon, is a sword. Today, we follow the financial media, Zhejiang "activities came to the city of Longquan is located in the Chinese time-honored, is also the Longquan representative Shen Guanglong of sword sword shop visit, understand the unique charm of the intangible cultural heritage. The sword is one of the most famous ancient cold weapon has a long history, extremely rich cultural connotations, but also represents the spirit of chivalry. Shen Guanglong hid the sword sword with countless people as the acme of perfection. As if a flash through the rivers and lakes. All the sword is dizzying, from one side to let people feel the broad and profound Chinese culture. The camera shutter in your hands just stop, a sword is like waiting for a hero to come to claim the pet. Behind every sword has stories. In this book, you can see a lot of people in China, even in the world. Since the visit a variety of fine sword beyond count, we naturally very curious, what is known to the world the Longquan sword made out ah, specially for you next sword shop set up the manual process of display area, as a key part of the project the characteristics of cultural tourism. This should be the most familiar one process, often appear in a variety of martial arts TV drama, a steel block two burly chap turns red hot beat, every hammer down power, fires spread. Brother, you say, this foot jump is not too girly? Is this really all right? Ha-ha。 Master the expression is the best interpretation to be absorbed in the quality of Longquan sword. The small meat master looks gentle and elegant, typical southern man, doing is Wenqi jobs, both rigid and soft, cast the last Longquan sword move among force and soft. The most impressive is that so many people in the US and the lens of the onlookers, who still work, as if into a world alone in my realm. Of course, how much the heroine figure? Finally, this process is very familiar, the so-called Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, this is also a key step, the master told us, sometimes a good sword to wear a month or even longer. Finally, take you to take a look at the Shen Guanglong sword shop of the town shop treasure, looks very low-key, is the design of imitation Tang, because the low-key simple, so.相关的主题文章: