Small high speed driving without a license was stopped on the police spoiled seeking to let go-diying

Small high speed driving without a license was stopped on the police spoiled seeking Miss recently, police deal with the accident in the road springs south high-speed carp beach bridge, found a motorcycle from the two middle lane drove slowly, police immediately start checking on the motorcycle driver, the investigation found, this guy is not only in violation of the ban on signs of driving a motorcycle into the high speed. Or a driver without a license. According to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" stipulates that driving a motorcycle should obtain a motorcycle driver’s license in accordance with the law. The face of police education, this guy did not recognize their mistakes, but only to the police uncle spoiled sell adorable please let go. The guy on the police a spoiled, beg to no avail, while the traffic police clearance, tried to drive away, but was eventually stopped by the police on duty. Because this guy could not produce a driver’s license and driving license, vehicle or any transaction procedures, at present, the vehicle has been detained brigade. High speed traffic police reminder: without driving a motor vehicle during the motor vehicle driving license, motor vehicle driving license is revoked or withheld, or by the vehicle without obtaining a driving license or driving license is revoked or withheld driver, by the traffic administrative department of the public security organ for 200 yuan to 2000 yuan fine, can be the penalty of detention for 15 days. In addition, the majority of friends if you are ready to enter the highway motorcycle riding, should also observe the toll station entrance is public signs, traffic and in strict accordance with the regional road traffic regulations. Source: look at the news相关的主题文章: