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[sleep] frozen rain of silver and gold production experience "double Iran" stumbling block, the Fed rate hike where? Evening oil and silver layout. Want you We! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: [] production of frozen rain Mian gold and silver suffered double Yi "stumbling block, the Fed rate hike where? Evening oil and silver layout. [news] interpretation today as October last war, November crude oil market is facing OPEC freeze, the U.S. presidential election results of the bombing, oil prices may change radically. Crude investors should be treated with caution. Also on Wednesday (November 3rd) Beijing time 02:00, the Federal Reserve announced the interest rate decision and issued a policy statement FOMC. But this month the probability of interest rate hike is not great. Monday (October 31st) crude oil set at the beginning, oil prices continued to decline, down concussion. Last weekend, OPEC and non OPEC failed to reach a final agreement on the production quota, so that oil pressure. Although the total number of U.S. oil drilling last week recorded a slight decline, but overall, the total number of oil drilling in the United States continued to recover, or hinted that U.S. crude oil production may be active. In addition, CFTC data show that investors to further reduce U.S. crude oil long positions. The bearish effect of oil market, the market need to be cautious. It is reported that on October 28-29 OPEC and non OPEC oil producing countries in Vienna, a technical meeting deadlocked, failed to reach a final agreement on the production quota. Parties only said that before the November OPEC meeting to negotiate again. Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying that Iraq and Iran refused to freeze production. Iraq and Iran say OPEC underestimated their production because of the disputed data in Iraq and Iran. The part of the non OPEC countries, including Russia, said it hopes to reach an agreement within the OPEC, so even if it is willing to cooperate with the reduction, but also do not want to clear the scale of production. OPEC Secretary General Barkin said on Saturday that in the informal meeting, the implementation of the Algiers agreement has not reached an agreement, which will lead to further deterioration of oil investment situation. At present, the lack of specific actions to support the weak oil prices. As can be seen from the stock, the oil market is still oversupply pressure, oil recovery process is expected to continue for a long time, can not take the risk to postpone the further adjustment of the oil market strategy. Hope in November 30th to reach a final consensus on the issue of production. [] review of crude oil market analysis market if crude oil last week, belongs to a high fall, until the point of concern is in the $51 to $50, after concern this pressure, from crude oil to see if the weekly and weekly overcast morning’s opening structure of a candle, but still a a big trend, we must maintain the same ideas, this week opened to lows of 48.17, just to the target area last week bearish. From last week, the continuous emergence of high down to see the law, now belongs to the form of a small cycle down the form, then we can rely on last week’s 51相关的主题文章: