Skin abnormalities do not ignore the possibility of cancer in vivo-drop dead diva

Skin abnormalities do not ignore the possibility of cancer in the body may sometimes appear abnormal skin may not be trivial, oh, if there is the following anomalies, you may be vigilant. According to the domestic and foreign medical circles, the itch of skin is closely related to the malignant tumor. It may be the tumor cells produce histamine, protein decomposition enzymes and other bioactive substances to stimulate the skin sensory nerve endings caused by a manifestation of symptoms. Caused by cancer itch, and general itching is different, its characteristics are: no history of sudden itching usually intractable itchy skin; usually do not see any change, is just unbearable itching; unrelated to climate change, with any anti itch drugs were ineffective. Patients should be similar to this kind of itching and itching of the general skin to distinguish. The skin and hair growth of malignant malignant vellus hair vellus hair female patients see more, its characteristic is as soft as wool lanugo appeared in facial cheeks, forehead, chin and ears, touch when there is a silk like hair, about 1 cm long, no other abnormal. Some scholars believe that it is a kind of skin tumor markers. There are reports at home and abroad, the proportion of men and women accounted for about 5X2. This kind of malignant lung cancer and colon cancer with vellus hair is more common. Hair growth some foreign experts warned that if the face suddenly grow a lot of soft white hair, must as soon as possible medical physical examination, because this may be a sign of cancer. According to reports, from 1945 to 1989, 29 cases of hair disease found all over the world. Later, without exception, suffering from cancer. This disease occurs first in the face, and then gradually spread to the neck and the whole body, growing fast.相关的主题文章: