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Sitting in the network about cars? 90% friends to look at the price of more than 7700 journalists randomly selected messages over seven pairs of fare rise feel obvious rejection, undue deductions are still Legal Evening News (reporter Xie Jiale) the day before, about the new car network released "full moon", the local management rules also take shape. Everywhere in the access threshold, the operating mode has made a variety of restrictions. At the same time, drops, excellent step after the merger of the two big network about the car, the network about the original car service problems still exist. Only in Beijing this month, the passengers had to ride to work by bus driver, the driver right way to play mobile phone, not on the passenger chargeback system has problems. In this regard, the reporter intercepted more than 7700 messages from multiple channels, 7 netizens said, obviously felt the price; nearly half of users believe that, if the net car about losing the price advantage, better selection of safety, road cooked taxi; as for the net about the car industry chaos, super 3 users said that the current network the car about the undue deductions, chaos increases, detours, refusing other more serious problems, the 36.9% friends suggested that platform to strengthen internal supervision, smooth reporting channels. Worldcn before about the car don’t cut off the way "in the introduction of the new deal, about the car to obtain legal status drops, excellent step enterprises because of low price, pay attention to service in the market competition, has won the favor of consumers. The introduction of the new deal, access to legal status, which should be an important opportunity for the development of these networks about the car platform. However, we are sorry to see, was righting the network about the car seems to be all of a sudden, cattle up, not only the old problems are not cured, but also quickly added a new syndrome". For example, in the car, the driver of the network management, some enterprises about the car "suck" as in the past, but also out of the vehicle deck, passengers were driven off, pull so many airline stewardess secretly play live fresh thing "; in the price, because it is cheap to gather popularity. By now the results also rise ceaselessly, nearly half of the users said — the same price, it is better to choose a taxi driver, relatively more people recognize the road, passengers are more secure. A few days ago there was news that the Ministry of Commerce has drops, yuho merger launched an antitrust investigation, we expect that this investigation can become a "model", this is because the alleged monopoly clues have emerged in the past, when the "price war" into a favorable price, then consumers it is difficult to guarantee. For the traditional taxi industry, pride and backward network about cars is shown after righting it can become an opportunity for traditional monopoly was wrecked by taxi, now may wish to use their own resources and strengths to cast aside the children to develop their own network about cars, and the existing platform to compete. In the era of rapid development, the market leader is likely to be "three years Hedong Hexi three years, baobuqi who talent shows itself in competition. In short, the "New Deal" under the network about the car position, if cannot commit themselves to fully protect the interests of consumers, so the market share will decline with the reputation of declining. With the increase in management costs, of course, the appropriate price rise相关的主题文章: