Sister to launch the most beautiful goddess in the kakitsubata Creek variable headed child heart up–ratatouille

"Sister" to launch the most beautiful goddess in the kakitsubata Creek variable headed child heart up- entertainment Sohu Du Ruoxi as Song Chunya Sohu entertainment news by Du Ruoxi, Yan Yikuan, Siqin Gaowa and many other powerful stars in the emotional drama of "sister sister" today will be landing in Anhui TV theatre 19:30. The play tells the story of the Soong Sisters in the town of Yunnan on the famous "outstanding exquisite tribute" and launched a bloody story. Song Chunya Du Ruoxi’s play from a know only love girl grow step by step as a tough female alone, which has played an important role in guarding the outstanding "exquisite tribute tea". Du Ruoxi "Braveheart" Encore’s Drama Plum songs turned most be a beauty "sister sister" is Du Ruoxi following the "brave heart" and a "drama," sister sister "as an epic" mother ", he published" brother "emotional trilogy end, tells the story of a bloody chaos China background, Simao tea Song Haijing and three daughters together to protect the famous" outstanding exquisite tribute "story. The location of the play in Yunnan, so that the show is full of rich ethnic characteristics. In the perspective of exposure, kakitsubata Creek in the Republic of China "exhibition beauty" features, a Yunnan tea girl dress collocation mahogany bangs appear very cute. Du Ruoxi plays Song Chunya, although the play is a big miss, but 1.outwardly appearing tough, strong and tough. For this level of the role of the rich, Du Ruoxi himself said, compared with the "brave heart" Mei nine songs, the character of Song Chunya has a lot of growth and change, "from a know only love girl, step by step to grow as a family of the family, is a sense of the level of the role in the play, but she is also more very touching story." Du Ruoxi Yan Yikuan joined the child heart index up Biao technical cry in the drama director was "brave heart" in between, played by actress Du Ruoxi and actor Mei nine BaiZhuanQianHui, Huo Xiaolin qiwan touching love let the audience address him child crying. And this in the "sister sister" as Du Ruoxi Song Chunya is romantically involved with Yan Yikuan’s Chachatichai, two people in the play is a love stick, a love hate, to be "not to touch the lover". It is worth mentioning that this time also Yan Yi wide and Du Ruoxi together again on the screen, the star couple in the play is SM upgrade, in Guqiu countries hate between two people, the ultimate feeling is also very worth looking forward to. By virtue of "brave heart" in "Mei songs", "Guizhongmiyou" Lin Sijia in the role of netizens evaluation as the most all crying scene actress Du Ruoxi in "sister sister" is also big Biao strength to cry. The story between Yan Yikuan and her child heart there are a lot of emotional intense scenes, she said, was shot in a crying scene, in order to impress the audience, many of the plots are two people communicate with the director after the temporary play, he once more too into the drama, after finishing without corrosion come on the scene crying, terrified the site director, visible on the role of investment is.   相关的主题文章: