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Sino Cambodian friendship fruitful – Politics – October 12th, chairman Xi Jinping in the Cambodian language newspaper "Kampuchea" published a signed article, reviewing the development of bilateral traditional friendship and cooperation, bilateral cooperation in the future development of road planning. Signed articles in Kampuchea caused widespread concern and enthusiastic response. The Cambodian side said that this reflects President Xi Jinping sees Kampuchea as a true friend Chinese, full of confidence to the people of Kampuchea closer to the development of Cambodia relations. "On that day, there were only two important stories on the front page of our newspaper, all about Xi Jinping. President Xi Jinping signed the article after the three edition, but also accounted for more than half of the layout, before we have never been so arranged." Kampuchea light editor Sarah Moni told this reporter, but I did not hesitate, because I think this arrangement is not only the needs of the content, but also in line with the development trend of bilateral relations." On the day of the Kampuchea light website, President Xi Jinping’s articles and photos on the front page headlines. Sarah Moni said President Xi Jinping, the title of the article is very good, "" be in perfect sympathy with each other good neighbors, true friends ", this sentence has rich connotation. Kampuchea and China do not border, but there is no obstacle between the two countries, is a true friend. And this article from the aspects of history, politics, economic and trade cooperation in a comprehensive discussion of relations between Cambodia, the content of touching." Sarah Moni said, "the light of Kampuchea" has always been concerned about China’s development, recently published four or five articles every day about china. "China and Kampuchea are close partners, and this friendship is deeply rooted in the people of Kampuchea. Cambodia economic cooperation fruitful, drive from Phnom Penh to other provinces, most of the road is built Chinese. China proposed "The Belt and Road ‘initiative, which is very attractive to Kampuchea, we hope to benefit from the development of China." "Kampuchea light" is one in Kampuchea has an important influence on the Cambodian language newspaper. After President Xi Jinping signed the article published, Kampuchea media have reproduced, citing. Kampuchea network newspaper "new news" soon reprinted, the media CEO Salim told reporters, "this article discusses the Cambodia friendship of the past, present and future, is very important for the development of bilateral relations. A few days ago, we organized a reporter in Kampuchea interview experts, ask them to talk about the importance of Cambodia relations. This article provides important guidance for the development of bilateral relations." Salim said that President Xi Jinping’s visit to Kampuchea is the biggest news, and now Kampuchea people have a more in-depth understanding of china. In the Chinese goods can be seen everywhere in Kampuchea, Cambodia and China cooperative enterprises have more than a few. Kampuchea, China Daily, the first time the president Xi Jinping signed an article published in the new media. The newspaper editor Liu Xiaoguang told reporters that President Xi Jinping published by the Cambodia in the local mainstream media, let ordinary people more direct understanding from Chinese sincere friendship, closer to the distance between the two sides in Cambodia, very down to earth. Cambodia friendship is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people of Kampuchea to President Xi Jinping ten)相关的主题文章: