Singles day Ningbo morning minimum 7 degrees sunshine

"The weather day" Ningbo morning minimum 7 degrees sunshine again – Ningbo city today rain just overcast to cloudy 11 C and 16 C tomorrow cloudy to 7 C and 19 C – Ningbo air quality grade gifted to good grade I to II level primary pollutants: NO2 this wave of cold air, we enjoy the rain the north wind down "+ + package. The howling wind accompanied by rain, in addition to cold or cold. Yesterday, the rain came to the paragraph, the weather gradually opened. However, as the weak cold air continues to supplement, the temperature is still low, the maximum is only 12.7 degrees C. The temperature will reach the minimum value of the cold air process in the morning, and the minimum temperature will drop to 7. Qiuliang water seems to have been unable to describe, seems to have been the taste of winter. We have not noticed, the first point is usually the lowest in the morning temperatures often appear in the weather cleared, this is why? Meteorological experts explained that this is because after the arrival of cold air, the temperature decreased, but to the lowest temperature, often need a helper – clear night radiation cooling. "Radiation" refers to the short wave radiation of the sun and the long wave radiation on the ground. Generally speaking, during the day, the ground absorbs solar short wave radiation, the atmosphere absorbs the long wave radiation, and the temperature increases. In the evening, the ground receives less than the solar shortwave radiation, atmospheric absorption from the ground long wave radiation is also reduced, the temperature will fall. Popular: good sunshine during the day when the earth will receive a lot of heat from the sun; and the sun, the earth absorbs the heat dissipated quickly, at the same time to reduce atmospheric temperature. And the whole night, the earth is constantly heat, so every morning is often the lowest temperature of the day. This Friday the "sunshine king came back, the temperature will rise slowly, by the end of the week, the highest temperature will rise to 22 C and 23 C. That is to say, the effect of the cold air has weakened since Friday. November 11th is just the singles, whether you are waiting for shopping or go out on a date, sunny day is always better.相关的主题文章: