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Shocking case China lung cancer data Chinese on annual new cancer, about 3 million 120 thousand people died of cancer, more than 2 million people; among them, the morbidity and mortality of lung cancer ranked first. On the occasion of the global lung cancer month, Shanghai Zhongda Tumour Hospital, finishing up the big data on lung cancer, called on the public attention to lung cancer, active prevention and treatment. Lung cancer ranks first of all cancer deaths (source: Chinese Cancer Registry) according to China cancer registry data show that in 2015 Chinese 4 million 300 thousand new cancer cases and cancer deaths of more than 2 million 810 thousand, the proportion of deaths occupy 28.82%, the first in the world. On average, more than 7500 people die of cancer every day. In all cases of cancer deaths, lung cancer death rate of more than 35%, the death toll reached about 500000, with an average of one in every 15 deaths, lung cancer patients. The incidence and mortality of lung cancer increased (source: health planning cancer registry data) according to nhfpc cancer registry data show that each year there are about 600000 lung cancer patients, and more than 500 thousand people died of lung cancer. Moreover, the mortality rate of lung cancer increased year by year, the situation is very grim. Shanghai Zhongda Tumour Hospital lung cancer experts said that lung cancer has already exceeded traffic accidents, natural disasters, etc., has become one of the most important factors affecting the death of Chinese population. The highest mortality rates for both men and women were the highest in lung cancer mortality among men and women, with the highest incidence of lung cancer, including colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia. Cancer mortality in women, the mortality of lung cancer are still in the first place, including breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer mortality increased. Male 5 most common tumors were lung cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer in women 5 most common tumors were breast cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and esophageal cancer (the above data source: "Cancer Statistics in China, 2015" translation "2015 China cancer report") according to the rate of me the Ministry of health in cancer incidence and cancer prevention and control office for the 2000~2011 year and ten malignant tumor incidence data show that the incidence of lung cancer and breast cancer were ranked first among the male and female malignant tumors, and the highest death rate of malignant tumor were lung cancer, visible, the influence and harm is very serious. City residents become the first killer of lung cancer incidence is much higher than the rural residents (source: Chinese Cancer Registry "2014 cancer registry annual report") survey, the city residents in our country the incidence of lung cancer has been close to the developed countries, city residents in different age of the whole lung cancer incidence (20.48%) and mortality (27.05%) are the lung cancer was significantly higher than that of rural residents overall morbidity and mortality (18.50%) (22.42%), which might be related to effects of environment, life style and bad lifestyle related. The air pollution, smoking, eating large quantities of high food, late marriage, work stress, competition pressure, life disorder factors such as lung cancer and rapid growth are inseparable.)相关的主题文章: