Shijiazhuang closed 27 sales offices will be the full supervision of the sale of gold – Sohu news huangshexiaoshuo

The Shijiazhuang government shut down 27 sales offices will be on sale gold news supervision – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Shijiazhuang on November 8th (reporter Zhu Feng) Shijiazhuang municipal housing and Urban Construction Bureau recently issued Measures for the supervision of the new pre-sale funds, buyers pay the new pre-sale funds must be deposited directly into the commercial housing pre-sale contract contained special supervision account, the full implementation of supervision of the new pre-sale funds. Meanwhile, 27 illegal real estate sales offices were closed. New commercial housing pre-sale funds refers to the pre-sale of commercial housing in the development of commercial housing, commercial housing pre-sale contract in accordance with the agreed price, including the first payment, mortgage loans, housing prices. In accordance with the new provisions of Shijiazhuang City, Shijiazhuang City, housing and urban construction bureau is the Department in charge of the new pre-sale funds supervision, Shijiazhuang City Real Estate Trading Center is the daily regulators new pre-sale funds, specifically responsible for the daily supervision and management of the new pre-sale funds. The development of enterprise in any form of direct store sale funds. At the same time, Shijiazhuang has increased the intensity of the investigation and punishment of illegal property. 27 real estate because it did not get the pre-sale permit commercial housing, do not have the conditions of sale, the establishment of a sales place, according to the requirements to be closed.相关的主题文章: