Shaoyang 80 workers to feed the rat when the boss to sell 80 yuan 1

Shaoyang 80 workers to feed the rat when the boss sold 80 yuan 1 Jin source: Shaoyang news network   original title: Shaoyang 80 employees to raise rat when the boss drives the villagers to get rich: "these mice is a rat, the first batch of goods this year raised more than and 500 rats have been sold by the local. Hotel, hotel with the price of 160 yuan per kilogram bought in short supply." In November 7th, Longhui County Jin Shi Qiao Zhen LAN Cao Tian Cun mangosteen farm boss he Xuefeng rats Dajiang great interest to reporters. He Dajiang hand to show customers rhizomys. Just enter the farm, I heard a burst of "sand rustles", originally are eating bamboo rhizomys. He Dajiang introduced to us, also known as bamboo Rhizomys distillate, delicate meat, delicious taste, thick soft fur, low fat and low cholesterol also have rare venison, supplementing qi and nourishing Yin, detoxification, medicinal value and nutritional value is high. 80 employees to raise rhizomyidae He Dajiang, this year 31 years old, grew up in a small village. In recent years Shaoyang City Commercial technical school after graduation, in Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Beijing and other places for several jobs, did construction laborer, factory general workers, waiters, cooks, and other Internet network. He always think it is not a permanent solution. He saw the development of the home economy is backward, most people still on the farm, do small for a living, no one can really develop a rich industry, will sprout of their entrepreneurial idea to themselves as leaders, driven by our common prosperity. He Dajiang holding such a dream, in the voice of the opposition chose to resign, after the Spring Festival in 2015 decided to return to the hometown of entrepreneurship. A pheasant raising the students recommended to the Royal Dajiang Rhizomys breeding. He consulted a lot of information, that Rhizomys better support, Steamed Rice, bamboo poles, bamboo leaves, sweet potato, pumpkin, sugar cane is love Rhizomys food, horsetail grass and grass on the hill to forage. Combined with the actual situation and forage resources is very rich in local conditions, he used his spare room and house renovation waste Rhizomys bar built a farm, imported from Guangxi and other places have tried rhizomys. Small bar rhizomys. Efforts to learn to become a "rat expert" because of the lack of experience when the breeding, mice often buy back dead. He on the Internet with a group of Rhizomys aquaculture in the group, with the help of their mentor, he finally knew is because of the small Rhizomys after a long time of transportation and feeding method suddenly changed, let little death bandicoot. Found a crack "trick", the "baby" when He Dajiang Rhizomys like care little Rhizomys a healthy day by day grow up. In this way, in 2 years, he went around to learn to learn, to accumulate the experience of raising mice. Now, he can solve all kinds of disease in rhizomys. Now, he has excellent breeding technology and obtained rich experience, initially formed a set of farms in breeding, commodity market supply, technology and culture in the information service and guidance integrated farming business model. The development of the villagers to get rich Rhizomys aquaculture driven "year, the mother can have 3 to 4 fetal rhizomyidae, a.相关的主题文章: