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Shaoxing has 16 traffic police as law enforcement injuries but they still stick in September 22nd this year, the Shaoxing Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Police Brigade Paojiang Redon, in cooperation with the police to carry out remediation drunk driving, motorcycle driver to stop attempting to escape, after was injured, the rescue invalid, died. Events caused widespread concern in society. This year, 16 police and auxiliary police for enforcement of casualties because of the public at Redon died before the event, the Shaoxing police in another police has just had an accident, fortunately, the injury has been gradually restored. September 20th evening peak, Shaoxing high tech Traffic Police Brigade Jiang Zhihui is the city of Di Lake Road and the Second Ring Road intersection on duty, but was turned into a white Ford car hit the left side of the head, fell to the ground. After the hospital inspection, Jiang police multiple soft tissue contusion, lumbar sprain. At that time, I was crossing the road traffic, no one thought, this car will hit the white car up. Now think of it really scared, I was very lucky." Lying on the bed, Jiang police said, "see Redon on duty in the news, the mood is very heavy. As the traffic police, weekdays on the road and the traffic accident and dealing with the probability of accidents is very high, do not stay in mind at any time the accident." According to traffic police statistics, since this year, Shaoxing has 16 traffic police and auxiliary police casualties in law enforcement duties, including the police auxiliary police injured 7 people, injured 8 people, an auxiliary police on duty. Thorough investigation of all types of traffic violations, traffic accidents dropped significantly this year, the Shaoxing municipal traffic police around eight action, social security focused campaigns, all the police on the road, the city truck forbidding crackdown, "cattle", non motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic violations remediation and a series of actions. Through accidents 682, down by 20.79%, significantly reduced the number of accidents. In the efforts of all traffic police, CO sponsored by the police, Shaoxing traffic environment has been greatly improved. The zebra comity pedestrian, panda parking stop and go, strictly abide by the traffic lights traffic safety consciousness. Decreased 80 people for drunk driving accident killed 8931 people were dealing with traffic accidents due to drunk driving, thanks to the city’s traffic police and auxiliary police to ensure the safety and smooth efforts. However, with the rapid increase of vehicle number, all kinds of traffic illegal behavior is still repeated, especially as drunk driving serious traffic violations, to the public and the first duty of the police and auxiliary police brought a huge potential risk. The past three years, Shaoxing has more than 80 people died of traffic accidents due to drunk driving. In view of this phenomenon, Shaoxing police fist attack, carried out uninterrupted normalization of drunk driving campaigns, since this year, a total of 8931 people for drunk driving is in accordance with the law. As long as there is a day of traffic violations, we will always adhere to, in the face of danger, traffic police law enforcement officers never retreat, because we do not face, that is, people face danger." Shaoxing Traffic Police Department official said so.相关的主题文章: