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Shanghai vous | Shanghai fashion week tide burst struck, you ready to take? _ fashion _ 2017 spring and summer four fashion week has just ended, in October, the highly anticipated 2017 Shanghai fashion week has been opened on October 12th. As a feast of Shanghai fashion week this season also aspect lot ~ Shanghai fashion week 45 domestic and foreign fashion brands are hotbeds of new world Pinghu too login. Which we send the strength of the brand for having heard it many times, more ready for fresh faces. In recent years, many overseas young designers have chosen the main position as domestic work release show, fashion Master buyers have a goal, the fashion circle lens never boring. The Shanghai fashion week released a new world of choice Taihu. As the main venue of the new world, but under the foot of the water, put up the one and only show in Pinghu too, the overall layout of the novel, to bring people find everything fresh and new view show experience. A few days from this release show, there are many brands has received numerous media and buyers in international recognition. This small series selected from several brands together to enjoy their ~LIBAI fashion highlights this zhayiting up quite an atmosphere of the brand, this season also in terms of design showing a "designer" beyond the atmosphere. Last season’s Gothic retro impressive, this season also continue to express a rebellious personality, but added some literary flavor. Looking ahead is full of high purity khaki, black, green and purple sauce, so rich in color with high density cotton, the overall profile of Hideo, it can make a small woman become handsome N eight degree. The woman in white + street fashion, really very cool attitude ~ Han Zhou three million filial piety skirt what is said to wear it to the traversing the show at the first glance Hengyuan Tencel confused: Men’s and women’s wear, trousers, skirt, a real wear day, there is a little bit grand sight the dress designer is not to explain, the show does not surprise in the clothing design? However, "Hengyuan Tencel" is not a fashion brand, which is composed of a new type of fiber fabric fiber developed by Hengtian group. In the fashion week publicity, it is also called "Yuan fiber Hengtian Group silk". We all know, Tencel a as well: green, comfortable, look shiny, soft, not easy to shrink. However, the main production of Tencel has been occupied by foreign, the show’s meaning is to tell you: China also can produce the tencel! So the focus of the show is not how trendy style, but in the texture of each suit. But as a new brand of fiber, in order to get a wide range of fashion circles and even the whole of China, it seems that there is still a long way to go. C.J.YAO China independent designer brands C.J.YAO again stunning Shanghai fashion week, the theme of "LAZY On Air series show" to start another boom, once again become the focus of media and fashion buyers. C.J.YAO SS17 series with environment and popular nowadays most people in the cultural pulse, such as "Ge You lies", "yuan:相关的主题文章: