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Shanghai Kuailu case involved in the investigation of economic Li Yaoxin was arrested or uncover more insider – reporter Hu Jinhua reported in Shanghai for nearly 200 thousand Kuailu investors, launched a comprehensive payment before work late in October 1st to may also fall. September 20th, China Times reporter learned from relevant sources, the Shanghai public security department was officially involved in the case was identified as the crime of illegal deposits from the public. "A week ago, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Crime Investigation Corps has been involved in the Kuailu group to conduct a comprehensive investigation, Kuailu group office has not entered. Investors can not carry out rights, can only wait for the results of the public security department and payment plan. The original market legend of deer fiscal CEO Zhang Bowei lost or has fled abroad, but he in a few months ago have been controlled." A person familiar with the case in the Kuailu anonymous on the "China Times" reporter. On September 8th, the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection website information, said the Shanghai electric (Group) Co., Ltd. instrument (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai electric instrument) chairman Li Yaoxin alleged serious violation of discipline, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. Aforementioned anonymous analysts said Li Yaoxin, chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of the board of electricity, sacked, compared to the previous Shanghai was caught tiger, the level is not high, did not cause much concern. But he was in Shanghai Changning District District, Shanghai city by the director of the committee, has cut relations with Kuailu group. As he was sacked and economic investigation investigation Kuailu group, perhaps will pull more and Kuailu related insider. Kuailu is qualitative suspected of illegal fund-raising in September 13th, Shanghai City, Changning Public Security Bureau released by micro-blog the announcement that recently received the relevant investors report "deer money" and "the wealth of the two financing platform for alleged illegal fund-raising. After receiving the report, the public security organs to carry out investigation, found that the "deer money" and "the wealth" did not obtain legal qualification case, external publicity and promises about 10% fixed annual rate of return, not specific to the public to raise funds for the community, the alleged crime of illegal deposits from the public. At present, the public security organ of the two units of investigation, in accordance with the law to take coercive measures to the relevant responsible person, the public security organs will maximize the recovery of assets involved. In view of the "Kuailu group" in April 6, 2016 announced the acquisition of "deer money" and "the wealth", the public security organs with the relevant departments will urge the "Kuailu group" to fulfill the main responsibility of enterprises. Kuailu group payment after the outbreak of the crisis in the first press conference held in April 6th, including the payment of Kuailu group announced the principles of the future: to honor the work of the fastest in July 1st this year, the late start in October 1st; all the payment will be completed in 2018 March 31st, all payment delay period will not exceed 14 months after the payment of the contract products; the interest payment in the contract period in accordance with the provisions of the contract interest rate, extend the period of 6% years will be in accordance with the interest rate etc.. "Press conference in so far within six months, Kuailu group reiterated before October 1st fully open payment of the bottom line does not shake, and this is also the majority of investors psychological bottom)相关的主题文章: