Shanghai is the Mid Autumn Festival to Hangzhou the most popular tourist orders soared

Shanghai is the Mid Autumn Festival to Hangzhou the most popular tourist orders soared 218% Washington this year during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the south appeared different degree of rain, but it still could not stop the enthusiasm of tourists to go out to play. According to a number of travel agencies, many popular attractions in Shanghai this year; while on tour around, Hangzhou will undoubtedly become the most popular tourist destination. According to the travel donkey mother, during the Mid Autumn Festival this year, the domestic scenic park visits quantity is 3.38 times the same period last year; among them, the Shanghai wild zoo, Shanghai Happy Valley has become one of the most popular tourist attractions. In particular, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday coincided with the Shanghai Tourism Festival, many well-known scenic spots have launched half price concessions, detonated the tourist attractions of the tourist boom. Many travel agencies said that this year around the tour visitors also hit a record high, an increase of over 4 times. It is worth mentioning that, after the end of G20, Hangzhou has once again become a popular tourist city. Data show that, after G20 went to Hangzhou tour orders jumped 218%, many Shanghai residents are sights in Hangzhou, the "best" West Lake scenery richly adorned or plainly dressed also let Hangzhou the season to become the most popular destination. According to the Shanghai tourism center news, the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, Shanghai tourism distribution station to send a total of 1732 tourists, the number of cars for the 88. Statistics show that the list of the top three travel during the small holiday travel routes are Wuxi, Binhu, Zhouzhuang, one day tour, day tour. In the multi day line, Jiande, Shaoxing and other aspects of the ecological, leisure routes are also favored by tourists.相关的主题文章: