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Strong advertising summit captured the overall major subway station Beijing Shanghai gold advertising Sohu – tourism summit powerhouse countdown day! From September 20th onwards, strong advertising summit captured the overall Shanghai major subway stations gold advertising, buddies come onlookers! A buddy to visit, leverage advertising effect "seven of the subway station"! Lujiazui in Shanghai! Royal gold Dan Dongzhimen! There is hugulou Yongan Dawanglu Jintaixizhao stations along with the development of China tourism industry entered a new stage of rapid development, outbound tourism, inbound tourism, domestic tourism steadily gaining momentum, travel around upgrading shift, globalization China large enterprises layout has entered a new stage, international tourism has China giants to enter the new ideas, the integration of corporate and online line to enter into a new era, innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples reached a new climax, the depth of integration of industry chain downstream enterprises also stand in a new starting point, Chinese tourism how to grasp the trend in the new historical period, make the correct development strategy, take the method of efficient way and implementation strategy, is the most important issue facing the front of the tourism business managers and operators. The powerhouse summit will closely grasp the current industry hot spots, in order to "take the potential, Ming excellent technique" as the theme of the conference, convergence of online travel sites, travel agencies, travel management companies, media and marketing companies, ticket agents, hotels and airlines, hotels, scenic spots at home and abroad and the domestic and foreign tourism bureau, all kinds of financial institutions and other related areas of business leaders and entrepreneurs, experts and scholars and government officials, according to aviation and tourism integration, tourism group bigger and stronger way, driving the cruise industry chain, cultivating outbound travel stores business innovation space direction in-depth discussion, held "China National Tourism powerhouse? Award 2016 awards ceremony, will be an unprecedented pomp, and features the most authoritative, the largest and most influential Chinese become tourism innovation A new milestone! "Let the innovators gain more" fresh traveler’s constant pursuit, let us join hands and insight into industry trends, hot industry focus, innovative thinking, pragmatic first, wins together in the tourism golden opportunity.相关的主题文章: