Shandong Laiwu violent injury medical records Chen Jianli suspects were arrested in Beijing

Shandong Laiwu violent injury medical records Chen Jianli suspects were arrested – Beijing, Beijing, October 8, according to the Supreme Procuratorate website news, 7, Shandong Province, Laiwu City Gangcheng District People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of manslaughter made the decision to approve the arrest of Shandong Laiwu violent injury medical case suspect Chen Jianli. In October 3rd, Shandong Laiwu violent injury medical records after the Supreme People’s Procuratorate investigation and supervision department immediately launched a major sensitive cases rapid response mechanism, guiding three Shandong province procuratorial organs investigation and supervision department in advance of public security organs involved in the case investigation. Shandong Province, Laiwu City People’s Procuratorate and the steel city people’s Procuratorate formed a task force to focus on criminal suspects subjective intent, medical dispute, the evidence extraction and identification evidence put forward guiding opinions, timely communication with the public security organs. The public security organs after investigation, in October 6th to suspect Chen Jianli suspected of intentional homicide to the steel city people’s Procuratorate arrest. After the people’s Procuratorate of the people’s Procuratorate of the city, the case investigation, interrogation of criminal suspects and case discussion were carried out immediately. The steel city people’s Procuratorate, November 2015, suspect Chen Jianli’s daughter died in an illness in Laiwu City Hospital of Laiwu, after failing to communicate with the hospital several times the consultation solution. In October 3, 2016, Chen Jianli carrying machetes to Laiwu hospital surgical floor 5 doctor room, find a pediatric doctor on duty Li Baohua discussion to say. In the meantime, Chen Jianli took a machete from the bag hit Li Baohua head with a knife. Li Baohua ran out of the doctor’s lounge, Chen Jianli to chase a knife to the door of the doctor’s office, and Li Baohua cut two knife head, Li Baohua ran into the office after Chen Jianli was forced to cut its head hit ten knives, and prevent other medical personnel into the interior of the treatment. Li Baohua died on the same day at 16 am, after forensic identification of severe brain injury death. Accordingly, in October 7th, the people’s Procuratorate of the city of steel only 1 days that is based on suspicion of intentional homicide suspects Chen Jianli approved the arrest decision. Prosecutors will continue to pay close attention to the progress of the investigation of the case, to ensure that the case in accordance with the law of high quality and efficient management, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of medical workers, and strive to promote harmonious doctor-patient relationship.相关的主题文章: