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Seven Tian really: children learn how to become more happy, more effective? – how to learn to be happier and more effective in the Sohu? The sound of children seven field of Classroom | second parents to receive books on my birthday, but he only love and transportation of animal. As the parents still want to give their children to read a story book, cultivate a good habit of children love reading, but he did not seem interested in what. The voices of parents of my kids love to watch. If you want to cultivate a good habit of children love reading, how to choose a picture book? Li Xiaonan wants to let children love reading, first of all to make him interested in the book. If the child of love, please give him. At the same time according to the child’s preferences to read picture books. Let’s look at the seven fields of the classroom from the Japanese teacher how to answer these questions "parents" from the beginning to cultivate the habit of reading picture books seven Tian Zhen classroom teachers, will choose the books according to the child’s age and interests, to read to their children before going into practice. Therefore, love of children will listen. To choose picture books according to their preferences, can bring the child’s interest, cultivate a good habit of children to love books, love reading. – for children of different ages of the picture points, can be divided into 0~2 years, 2~4 years old, above 5 years old in three age 0~2 years to stimulate the five sense for low age children can choose to stimulate the sense of the five picture books. The use of rich colors, can touch and play books give children visual, tactile stimulation. Can choose to animal food, such things often appear around the content of picture books. Can also be carried out by means of imagination training books. If the child is interested in books on, sometimes tearing, biting. So in the choice of picture, can choose the hard paper. 2~4 years of age to establish the values of children like to have a story book. And put myself in the protagonist’s role. What are the children want to grow up, parents want their children to become what appearance, these can be used as a reference when choosing books. If you want a story, you can choose one of Aesop’s fables. In Aesop’s fable story short, but contains a profound philosophy of life and inspiration, can watch the child’s mind. In addition to the "seven step growth picture" Tian really is a good choice, parents can find the most suitable for their children’s stories in the rich content. 5 years of age to cultivate dreams and aspirations at this age, you can try to read biographies of books. To understand the life of a great man helps to form a child’s dream and ambition. These stories will be deeply engraved in the hearts of children, grow up to become his life pointer. There are some children on the text of the conflict, you can expand the imagination through pictures, into the story. Please guide the child to develop his ability to read independently. [independent] reading skills have resentment of children can take "recite the text, reading" picture reading. Don’t choose!相关的主题文章: