Series of regulatory programs issued the strongest Internet banking curse 月丘うさぎ

Series of regulatory plan released Internet financial "suffered the strongest inhibition" Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my original title: series of Internet financial regulatory programs released yesterday suffered the strongest "inhibition" Securities Times reporter Liu Xiaoyou Wang Ying in July last year the central bank and other ten ministries jointly issued by the financial sector of the Internet top-level guidance, Internet financial risk, the special rectification work implementation plan includes the entire Internet financial industry main branch "(referred to as the" plan ") released, intended to ensure the supervision will maximize the implementation. At the same time, for the Internet financial five main branches — P2P (personal network lending), subdivision regulation scheme of the congregation to raise equity, Internet insurance, the third party payment of Internet, the asset management business also resorted to comprehensive. Increasingly stringent regulation for the entire Internet financial sector, is becoming the norm. Again P2P positioning for participants, the most frequent chaos P2P, in addition to subdivision renovation plan issued by the CBRC ("P2P network lending risk special rectification work plan"), the general office of the State Council issued the plan (that is, the "plan") are also mentioned. It is worth noting that regulators once again clearly and emphasized the positioning of its information intermediary. From the business point of view, the small and decentralized provisions of the provisions of the business impact. Chairman, Guangzhou Internet association of Guangzhou e loan president Song Fang said, "before most platforms are single mode, now forced restructuring, but the regulatory standard is reasonable, mutual payment should be positioned to do the traditional financial supplement." According to the Securities Times reporter, in the field of automobile consumer finance is a common direction of the transition, the field of valuation in the increase amount of assets of the business in compliance with regulatory requirements, but also fierce competition. In addition, there are some good platform for the background of the parties choose to invest more resources in terms of asset cooperation channels to obtain institutional funds, including banking, insurance, including. There are some P2P trying to do the financial assets of the exchange exchange, or with the exchange of assets to be packaged, split, to circumvent the limitations of the remediation program. As early as in 2011 and 2012, the State Council issued a special "decision of the State Council on the rectification of various types of exchange effectively guard against financial risks" (No. 38), "the general office of the State Council on various types of trading venues straighten the implementation of opinions" (No. 37), the two documents are no restrictions on the upper limit of exchange a single transaction. However, Beijing Dacheng Law Firm Xiao SA to remind, exchange has also allowed six, including any rights and interests shall be divided into equal shares for public offering; not take centralized trading transactions; rights shall not be standardized in accordance with the trading unit for traded equity holders; a total of no more than 200 people; not in centralized trading way standardized contracts; without the approval of relevant departments of the State Council shall establish financial management, engaged in insurance, credit, and other financial products trading of gold相关的主题文章: