Security can explain all the psychological problems – Sohu maternal and child

Sense of security can explain all the psychological problems – Sohu maternal and child in the restaurant I always choose to rely on the wall, by the window or the corner of the location." Because you lack the sense of security." "I want to find a boyfriend who can take care of me, protect me." Because you lack the sense of security." "If my husband is on a business trip, it’s hard for me to fall asleep." Because you lack the sense of security." Since we all like to use the "security" to explain emotions and behavior, then we thoroughly talk about the psychological sense of security". At least know the source of security. With the popularity of psychological knowledge, many people may have understood that the sense of security comes from the interaction between parents and parents in the early years, the establishment of a sense of security is not good or bad depends on the upbringing of parents. Why is the early years a critical period for the establishment of a sense of security? Need to start from the birth of a baby. The baby’s birth canal through the darkness came to earth, leave the land for ten months in a warm and safe womb, his face is a completely strange world. The first thing he felt was the great persecution. Maybe that’s what we felt at first, the fear of death. So when a baby to drink milk, he wants to drink milk immediately; when he needs to embrace the time, he was immediately hope is a pair of big hands tightly surrounded by infinite, like meet felt in the womb. It’s an all powerful state of control, and the baby needs a sense of security against fear. If at this time the mother did not go as far as possible to meet the needs of the baby, the baby’s delusions of persecution was verified to be true. If the mother can not meet the requirements of the baby, his fear will intensify, he grew up in the process of deriving a sense of security. Erickson, a developmental psychologist, made a summary of the theory of the development of the social psychology of personality. The main psychological development of the infant (0-2 years old) is to build up the sense of security and overcome the distrust. If this problem is not solved successfully, then the psychological development will stagnate at this stage. So we say that a person does not have a sense of security, more psychological argument is his psychological development in a certain stage of the early years. Such a person, although the body grew up, but the psychological level is still a child. The field of counseling calls such an adult a giant baby. So, what kind of security performance of the giant baby? According to the theory of attachment, the experience of emotional bonding, which was first obtained from the parents, influenced our later interpersonal relationships, especially the choice of intimacy. The theory of British psychoanalyst Balby through the observation and statistics of the strange situation experiment ", put forward three kinds of infant attachment types: 1) safety attachment: safe enough to feel the baby in her mother’s presence, to actively explore in a strange environment; the mother leaves showed discomfort; mother come back, and immediately find mother contact, easy to be comforted to play again. 2) ambivalent attachment: the presence of the mother of this kind of baby is very vigilant when the presence of the mother to show extreme.相关的主题文章: