Second money Luantan technology ready for apple you give me this technology – Sohu (video)

The second stage: money Luantan technology ready for apple you give me this? – [lead] technology Sohu Beijing September 8th morning, iPhone finally released 7! According to the "science and technology" intern Luantan! Sister understanding, this Apple’s autumn conference jointly organized by Apple "and the Japanese government". Onlookers have said that an hour of the press conference, only to see the Nintendo super Mario and Picacho, iPhone 7 where?! Support to the Japanese sponsors to step down, finally, two hours later, the conference appeared iPhone figure 7! Appeared! Arise… Wait..! This iPhone 7 with three months ago – 10 fen! I’m looking for a live broadcast, not a replay! Cancel the headset jack, back camera, two for waterproof design to collect fingerprints and scratches on the surface black, fall into the toilet is not afraid, all with the spy agreement, apple in tribute to the leaker crazy ah! And apple you are crazy, let us spend $159 (1288 yuan) to buy a tomorrow may be lost on the subway, bus and road headphones?! Hey, I’ve been through the toughest Road, Apple’s routine… [about] this is not a technology Luantan serious but very serious science video commentary program, we are committed to Tucao, we also face the porter!相关的主题文章: