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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 only 4% choose refund price lows rebound – Sohu technology [Technews] Samsung science news experience Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion incidents continue to occur, and the recent succession of related news. However, but Samsung seems to resist the impact of negative news during this period, the stock began to rebound. The lowest point of 1 million 465 thousand won per share, rebounded to 26 won per share of 1 million 568 thousand. Since the flagship Galaxy Note 7 battery fire spread, and in the subsequent lead in the global market recall action, Samsung shares fell in September 12th to 1 million 465 thousand won, hit its lowest level since August 27, 2012. However, the 26 day of closing, although Samsung’s share price is still down 3000 won, but the decline has narrowed to close to the closing price of $1 million 568 thousand won, compared with the lowest point has rebounded by 7%. However, with the official launch of Galaxy Note 7 replacement activities, Samsung shares continued to rebound from last week. On Monday (19 days), Samsung in South Korea started the replacement plan, Wednesday (21 days) in the United States also launched the plan, as of last Thursday (22 days), a total of more than 100 thousand South Korean Galaxy Note 7 users to replace the new machine. In addition, 4% of Galaxy Note users choose a refund for the. A Samsung executive said, in order to compensate for the inconvenience caused to customers, we are negotiating with the operator, hoping to provide 30 thousand won package fee discount for Galaxy Note users in October. In addition, Samsung plans from Wednesday (28) began to resume the new version of the Galaxy Note sales, but also to replace the old models for old customers. In addition, Samsung also decided that for three days before the Mid Autumn Festival in the store, even false, South Korea did not open. Therefore, the refund deadline will be extended from September 19th to the end of this month. As in the United States market, Samsung on Friday (23 days) said that more than half of the United States replacement plan has been completed. About 90% of users in the local choose to replace the new Galaxy Note 7. As for, in order to prevent the recurrence of the explosion, Samsung had previously updated the software Note 7 Galaxy charging capacity limit of 60%. Insiders pointed out that Samsung needs to recall the Galaxy Note 7 charging capacity was limited, and decided to provide the relevant package fee compensation, thereby speeding up the recall. In fact, because only 4% of the current Galaxy Note users to choose a refund, which shows that consumers are still very loyal to Samsung mobile phone (). This also contributed to the stock price of Samsung organic相关的主题文章: