Safe Forklift Operation Understanding The

UnCategorized Forklifts, like other machines, should be operated with extreme care. While drivers should receive special training, it is important that they frequently be reminded of basic safety rules. All large machines should be operated with caution. Because forklifts have obtrusive extensions and often carry large loads, drivers should take extra care. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or OSHA, estimates that forklifts are responsible for 85 fatal accidents and nearly 35,000 serious injury accidents per year. Below, find tips for safely operating a forklift. Safe Driving and Maneuvering: Taking a forklift onto the road, or even moving it across a parking lot or a warehouse, requires the driver to be extremely cautious. The rules for driving a forklift are similar to those that apply to any other vehicle, but forklift road rules are a bit more restrictive because of how the machines maneuver. Sharp turns are very dangerous in a forklift, as the entire machine could flip over. Railroad tracks should be crossed at a diagonal to prevent damaging the forklift’s wheels. If the load is too large for the driver to see around, the forklift should be driven in reverse, unless the route is up an incline. A forklift should never be driven with the forks up, and it should never be used to push another vehicle. When traveling behind another vehicle, the proper following distance is three-vehicles-length, because a forklift traveling at 10 miles per hour takes about 22 feet to .e to a .plete stop on a dry surface. As always, an unauthorized person should never operate a forklift. Parking: Equally important is where an idle forklift is parked. Parking on an incline can result in a forklift drifting downhill. Needless to say, a rogue forklift can cause serious damage or injury. If the lift is to be parked on a trailer, it is important to double-check that the parking platform is secured. Like other large machinery, be sure the engine has been turned off during refueling. Be Mindful of Pedestrians: Pedestrians always receive the right of way. From the controls of a forklift, people on foot can be hard to spot, so keep open a clear view of the area surrounding the machine. Adjust the mirrors so that blind spots are as small as possible. It is also important to make sure a person does not get between the forklift and a hard surface or any fixed object. Make sure pedestrians are aware of your presence by using the horn and flashing the lights. Do not allow anyone to stand on a forklift, regardless of whether it is stationary or in motion. When operating any heavy machinery, driver safety and the safety of others should be a top priority. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: