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Sad! Chelsea 120 million Hao after the purchase or the flow of this team enough to fight for 4 of the 2? A bit miserable loser sina sports maybe before it is difficult to think of someone, the focus of World War II, the Premier London derby, should end in such a way, the road is the Chelsea half continuous perfusion three rounds, the final 0-3 defeat to Arsenal in reinforcing one summer, Chelsea still did not make their return to Serie A the winners’ circle. Although the offensive line loss, but Chelsea the biggest problem is still in defence, the first is Cahill early passes, let Sanchez pole broke, making Chelsea left behind in eleventh minutes, the scene directly become very passive, and this is Cahill three consecutive games appear passes lead to each other to get a good opportunity, which two games have led to the ball behind the game, Cahill is still a series of mistakes, errors in communication and Courtois almost let Arsenal scored again in the England this season decline in serious condition, a concentrated outbreak of the game is. In the "Daily Mail" after the score, Cahill scored 4 points for the first low, while the "mirror" is that Cahill Chelsea led to the failure of the collapse of the start. It is worth mentioning that the "mirror" of the lowest points is the Chelsea captain Ivanovic, he only scored 2 points in the game is also constantly making mistakes in defence, the other 3 will be Courtois, Lewis and Pirri Que Kobita also as only 4 points. Chelsea Chelsea’s defense utterly routed second ball defence after the field is reflected, when Arsenal attack, Chelsea in the vicinity of the forbidden area have 9 players in preparation for the defense, while Arsenal through a series of short slit anti Chelsea line, the Beilailin side inserted easily pass, almost no one mark Walcott scored the ball, and in the Beilailin pass in the moment, Chelsea two defenders and two defenders have all been pinned down to the road, then hurried behind to catch up to the defense is who? Back to the defense of Zal. For in the absence of captain Terry’s case, the Chelsea line is totally invisible to fight the enemy separately lacking spirit of cooperation, a collaborative defense. Arsenal pass through the Chelsea line BBC chief football reporter, said with emotion: "the defense side of the efforts of the did not change anything, this is a broken team of the Chelsea team."." "Daily Telegraph" Howard sighed: "35 year old Terry, should not be so important in the present in the Chelsea." Behind in the score, not too much to Conti, Marcos – Alonso on the bench only a defender, so, as a branch of the new season rally, at least to qualify for the Champions League team, why on the bench was only a reserve guard? Chelsea summer investment is not less, they buy Kanter, Lewis, Ba Shu Yayi and Alonso spent 120 million pounds, and three of them are defensive players, although Kanter did let Chelsea line to the next level, but it is far from enough; Alonso has played only two games, want to)相关的主题文章: